Miami Heat: Ceiling and Floor for Precious Achiuwa in 2020-21

Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier (10) passes beyond the reach of Miami Heat forward Precious Achiuwa (5)(Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports)
Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier (10) passes beyond the reach of Miami Heat forward Precious Achiuwa (5)(Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports) /

Miami Heat rookie, Precious Achiuwa, can set a pretty high bar in just his first NBA season.

The Miami Heat took Precious Achiuwa at 20 in this past NBA draft and by now, two things are clearer than they ever were. He was definitely the right pick for them there is the first thing.

Secondly, at least 10 other teams got it wrong. How could all 19 teams honestly say that there were guys available that they could use more than him?

To each their own is the old saying and it’s as applicable here as anywhere.

With that in mind, the rookie made his NBA debut on Wednesday night and continued to impress. That got us to thinking.

How good can he be this year for the Miami Heat? Well, let’s talk a bit about his potential ceiling and floor for this season.

When you look at his talent, his size, his role, and how well this team could potentially do this season, his ceiling is pretty high. If we are being completely honest, his ceiling is to be the Rookie Of The Year Award winner, if we’re being completely honest.

The Miami Heat’s Precious Achiuwa will be very good at his ceiling or floor this season.

He is on the team and can put up a double-double in short amounts of time every night, as he did in the second preseason contest, though he should see as many minutes as he can handle if he stays healthy. Again, the ceiling for him this season is practically the sky.

As far as his floor, that’s pretty high as well. He’s a guy with a deep and versatile set of skills, but he doesn’t completely rely on them to be effective.

On top of his gifts as a skilled ballplayer, his hustle and grit are what make him the elite player that he has been all of his basketball playing career. Mix that in with his size and length, then you have a guy that can contribute in a major way without scoring a single point.

He’s one of those guys who doesn’t have to have the ball or have plays drawn up for him to make a meaningful impact for your team. Besides, between being the roll guy on pick and roll plays or cleaning up the glass, he’ll find a way to get a few buckets.

His floor this season is simply as a high energy role guy who makes at least two big plays every night. That could range from a huge block to a massive offensive rebound and stick back, or to something as simple as a huge charge take.

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He’s that type of guy. Precious Achiuwa is looking like a steal very early on in the process and he definitely fits the Miami Heat, that’s why his ceiling and his floor for his rookie year are both pretty lofty.