Miami Heat: 1 Bold prediction for Avery Bradley’s 2020-21

Miami Heat guard Avery Bradley (11) shoots over New Orleans Pelicans guard Sindarius Thornwell (15)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Avery Bradley (11) shoots over New Orleans Pelicans guard Sindarius Thornwell (15)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat went out and signed Avery Bradley this past offseason. Not only does he help them, but it hurts LA.

The Miami Heat certainly are a team that one could call “aware”. Aware of their deficiencies last season when it came to slowing lead ball handlers and those players considered to be the focus of the offensive attack, they went out and signed a guy known for being able to neutralize those opposing factors.

Welcome, Avery Bradley. Not only did they increase their fortitude by bringing him in though, but they tweaked the armor of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Though it wasn’t a guarantee that they would re-sign him, you can only imagine that they wanted to have the man back. Either way, the Miami Heat made sure that they never had the opportunity.

The Miami Heat were missing something defensively last season, but I think they have it now.

With Jae Crowder leaving, it was important for the Miami Heat to bring in another guy who could not only defend expertly, such as Maurice Harkless but who could also help you offensively and specifically, shooting the three. That’s just where we land with his bold prediction though.

Avery Bradley Will Shoot Above 37 Percent From Three On Over Four Attempts Per Game

Sort of specific, right? Let’s get into the thinking behind that.

As mentioned, he was a necessity once Jae Crowder bolted for Phoenix. On Jae though, he shot 44.5 percent on 6.4 attempts per game last season.

While we don’t expect Bradley, or Crowder in his new home for that matter, to match those numbers, we do hope that he can hover and finish somewhere close.

That’s where those numbers came from and that’s why that is the bold prediction. He will have plenty of opportunity, with him sure to see the floor a ton.

You say that because, as we also mentioned, he is the Miami Heat’s point of attack defense. While Jimmy Butler and/or Bam could do it, you need them at other areas of the court and this helps frees them up to do that.

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Avery Bradley should be a welcomed addition to this team, as he is a two-way player who seems to have fit the culture before ever arriving. If he can accomplish our bold prediction for him, then the move was a surefire home run.