Miami Heat: Is Lance Stephenson Worth Keeping An Eye On?

Miami Heat forward James Johnson (16) is guarded by Los Angeles Lakers guard Lance Stephenson (6) (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward James Johnson (16) is guarded by Los Angeles Lakers guard Lance Stephenson (6) (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat may need to add depth and there are ways to do it, but should this guy be a guy to monitor?

The Miami Heat aren’t that far off of where they were last season if you ask me. They lost Jae Crowder, which for me, was their biggest loss and biggest current hole to fill.

Though the way that they fill it may not look exactly like what Jae Crowder brought to the Heat or may not come from one guy, specifically, they are well on their way to figuring out where that production will come from. With that in mind though, they still might want to add more depth.

While they chose Max Strus of the younger guys that they brought in to keep around, perhaps they would opt to go for a more veteran guy if they were to bring in someone else and besides, the Miami Heat love adding savvy vets to the roster. We have one in mind.

First though, let us tell you how we got here. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, there are a few familiar names preparing to throw their names into the proverbial NBA developmental league draft hat.

While you could easily assume that Michael Beasley is the guy of interest, he’s been with the Heat several times already, so you wouldn’t imagine that they’d be interested if he actually still has to go the G-League route. That is unless they know they have to take things year to year with Beas, which wouldn’t surprise me either.

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If the Miami Heat feel they need to add depth at some point, here’s a viable route to look at.

The real guy to monitor here is Lance Stephenson. A guy who could always handle it enough to be one of your main ball handlers in most situations, could be quick enough to be rock solid along the perimeter on both ends, strong enough to hold his own against stretch fours at times defensively, and just streaky enough to make enough shots from the outside, the Miami Heat could potentially use a guy of his ilk this year.

While I am not saying that it will happen, it should be something they take a look at and I wouldn’t be against it. While they seem to have a full roster right now, there are always ways to make room, such as waiving a guy and though I would hate to see any of the current guys go.

The Miami Heat won’t field a G-League team this season, thus the reason for Max Strus and Gabe Vincent being with the big club on a regular basis, but that still shouldn’t mean that they can’t call a guy up from another team’s affiliate. It’s definitely something they should at least check out though.

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We’ll see how things go. I have a feeling that they will look to shake things up a bit in the near future though.