Miami Heat: Aggressive Bam Adebayo has been a major factor in recent streak

Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo (13) reaches for an alley oop from guard Goran Dragic (7)(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo (13) reaches for an alley oop from guard Goran Dragic (7)(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are streaking again! They aren’t on a double-digit games win streak or anything of that nature, but after winning their last four and especially after dropping the previous six before that, they are starting to look as though they are a well-oiled machine with their new pieces in tow.

You also have to account for the fact that since the passing of the trade deadline, you can tell that certain guys are playing with clearer and more free minds. That specifically stands in reference to Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro.

The new additions have helped a ton too. Trevor Ariza is beginning to hit his shots, while Victor Oladipo is helping the offense and defense operate at peak efficiency, though he hasn’t really found his own personal offensive game on a consistent basis for the Miami Heat yet.

Even among all of that though, the thing that has most stood out over the Miami Heat’s last four games is the aggression of Bam Adebayo. When he plays the way he has over these last four games, the Miami Heat have a chance to win them all.

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The Miami Heat are a much better team when Bam Adebayo is aggressive.

It’s not really about the shot attempts with Bam Adebayo, as much as it is about him putting himself in position to have those attempts. The attempts are the manifestation or the final outcome on most occasions, but the aggression can come without that.

For example, if he presses the action in the act of looking for his own, but has to find a teammate because they have a better look or because he doesn’t have one, that’s still being aggressive. You want him attacking every aspect of the game, such as he was against the New York Knicks recently and specifically rebounding, where he had to touch every ball that came off the glass.

That eventually led to him finishing with 17 huge boards that game. That’s also aggression.

It’s a mindset that permeates every aspect of a player’s game when they are it and Bam has shown it lately. While he’s still being his usual playmaking self for his teammates, he’s also taking more opportunities to look for or to go get his own stuff and that makes all the difference.

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The Miami Heat are off until Tuesday, where they’ll face the Memphis Grizzlies in Miami. Hopefully, his mentality remains the same between here, then, and forever further more going forward.