Miami Heat: 3 reasons why Dewayne Dedmon should fit right in

Andre Iguodala #28 of the Miami Heat denies a shot by Dewayne Dedmon #14 (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Andre Iguodala #28 of the Miami Heat denies a shot by Dewayne Dedmon #14 (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Miami Heat
LA Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell (5) fights for a rebound with center Dewayne Dedmon (13), forward Nemanja Bjelica (88) and guard De’Aaron Fox (5)(Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports) /

Dewayne Dedmon’s Fit With Miami Heat: What He Does Well & Who He Knows

The Miami Heat need someone to come in to be another star in their role. That’s all.

They need someone to excel at the fundamentals, such as rebounding the basketball. Dedmon can be that.

Not Flashy…Excels At Little Things

Dedmon is a guy that has added a bit of the three point shot to his game over the past few seasons, though he didn’t shoot it as well last season as he had in the previous two. That isn’t what the Miami Heat will want or need for him to do either though.

With his career 57.4 percent shooting percentage on two-point field goals and career average of six rebounds per game across just 18.3 minutes played per game, also across his entire career, it tells you two things. He excels in the minute (my newt) areas or at the little things and that he can, most certainly, help Miami because those are the exact things they need.

Familiarity with Bjelica

Though this may seem minimal immediately or in the grand scheme of it all, don’t underestimate comfort. Have you ever been to a camp, a sleepover, or anywhere that you may have felt a bit tense about, only to find out or realize that someone you know or, dare said even, a friend would be there too?

That feeling of comfort and the freedom to then begin to be you around someone who gets it is liberating. It also, more than likely, breeds production.

Nemanja Bjelica was traded from the Kings, where he played with Dedmon for at least a half season or so. They know each other.

It’s really as simple as that. Again, don’t underestimate what a familiar face can do for someone.

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The Miami Heat need to get good production out of Dedmon and he should provide it. If he can be the kind of spark he has been across his career, at times, then the Miami Heat might really be on to something.