Miami Heat: Bam Adebayo has had the ‘clutch’ gene for a while

Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat in action against Jeff Green #8 of the Brooklyn Nets(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat in action against Jeff Green #8 of the Brooklyn Nets(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are coming off of a volatile last few weeks. Before diving too deep, here’s a question on it all.

What’s new? Exactly, not a ton.

Beating Portland to open their road trip a week or so ago, before then losing the next three games of the trip to Denver, Phoenix, and regrettably, Minnesota, they then came home to beat a Brooklyn Nets team in what has come to be called, The Bam Game.

There will be more on that in a second, but they then did what they do, looked great in a domination of the Rockets and a dismantling of the Spurs, only to come out and drop an important game to the Atlanta Hawks a few days later. Also, you can’t forget that this particular version of the Hawks didn’t have Clint Capela or Trae Young.

As a cherry on top and though they won on Saturday, they then proceeded to give up a 20 point lead late in the game, almost causing them to lose to Chicago but that’s what the Miami Heat do, unfortunately. With a lot of close calls though and with that Brooklyn game, the aforementioned Bam Game, you need guys who can come up big for you in the closing moments to possibly seal the deal.

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The Miami Heat’s big man, Bam Adebayo, didn’t just become ‘clutch’, a lot of people just began to be able to see it though.

Jimmy Butler is and has been one of those kinds of guys for the Miami Heat since arriving. However, a lot of people were introduced to Bam Adebayo as that kind of guy against Brooklyn.

Here’s the thing though, that clutch gene or part of Bam’s game really isn’t new. He’s always made those types of plays to help the Heat win in a pinch or big moments, that’s just the first time you’ve seen it that way.

“That way” in this equation is simply, offensively. Does this play ring a bell and as a hint, from last season’s playoffs?

There is no other way to describe that play… other than clutch. That’s why you have to admit that he’s been clutch.

The key here is how that clutch gene is capable of manifesting itself with Bam. That’s why the offense needs to catch up, purely from an aggression standpoint as he’s completely capable of most anything he wants to do on the basketball court and why you always hear that as the main thing with Bam, requests for aggression.

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If the Brooklyn game, pardon, The Bam Game is any indication of things to come, it isn’t that far away. However, the Miami Heat still have a chance to do something special and if he can find it on a more permanent or regular basis more sooner than later, those chances rise exponentially with every scruple of confidence Bam gains in his offensive game.