Miami Heat: Their ability to win over the last quarter-century is insane!

Miami Heat guard Kendrick Nunn (25) shoots the ball against Los Angeles Lakers(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Kendrick Nunn (25) shoots the ball against Los Angeles Lakers(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are in the thick of another NBA Playoff chase. With the postseason nearing and with the Heat looking to finally lock in their non-play-in NBA Playoff seed, things finally appear to be shaping up the way they could have all along.

While the Miami Heat made a run all the way to the NBA Finals during last season’s NBA Bubble, they found themselves struggling out of the gate this season. With Jimmy Butler enduring injury, with the coronavirus situation impacting all teams but especially the Miami Heat, with Goran Dragic struggling after injury, with Tyler Herro just getting back to himself, and with the Miami Heat’s losses in free agency, they just couldn’t find the same type of fire that they had last year to close the season.

The Miami Heat are on the path to another title run, but can they complete it?

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Well, things are now back to looking as we expect them to see. The Heat are not only playing that type of Miami Heat defense when it matters the most, though a dip in the last few weeks, but they are also scoring at a mighty high clip now as well.

With that, their chances to make a repeat-run to the NBA Finals is looking as good as it has all year. That shouldn’t be a surprise though, as the Miami Heat have a traditionally been a contender.

Take this tweet from CBS Sports into consideration. It’s almost mind-blowing when you think about it all, but see for yourself.

Think about what you just saw. Basically, the Heat have almost as many titles in that same near-quarter-century period time-frame as they have of years missing the actual playoffs.

That’s greatness. That’s the only way you can define it.

The Miami Heat have personified it for so long and continue to do so on a year in and year out basis. This type of “greatness” is the kind where even if you don’t have the same level of talent as everyone else, the want to, will, and determination carries them through. dark. Next

Hopefully, they can muster the same kind of effort this postseason. Then, they can add another trophy to the above list… perhaps.