Miami Heat: Kelly Olynyk, Josh Richardson, & James Johnson can all be FAs

Memphis Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson (1) shoots against Miami Heat forward Kelly Olynyk (9)(Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports)
Memphis Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson (1) shoots against Miami Heat forward Kelly Olynyk (9)(Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Miami Heat
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) drives the ball around Minnesota Timberwolves forward James Johnson (16)(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have holes to fill, but why not with some familiar pegs?

Having all played in Miami before, there really aren’t any questions about these guys. In fact, you could go as far as saying this about all three.

When they were moved from Miami, it wasn’t necessarily because the Heat wanted to move them. It actually speaks to their worth, as to get the deals done that Miami made involving the three guys mentioned, they were crucial parts.

The deals that Miami were able to swing, using them as chips in those deals, wouldn’t have been possible without them. Here’s the next question though.

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Are all of them worthy of re-signing? You would think so, especially since all of them would already know what is expected of them with the Heat.

The Miami Heat could use guard help, which is where Richardson comes in with his ability to play on or off the ball. Richardson also gives you a bit more shooting along the wings, while providing his ver rock-solid defensive presence.

With a need to get Bam more involved offensively, placing him alongside another strong, versatile, and bouncy forward like James Johnson, at this point in Bam’s development, might be good for him. That same something that everyone loves about Udonis Haslem, Johnson has it too, except for that this could be a chance to get Bam on the court beside it.

When it comes to KO, well, that should be pretty simple. Regardless of what many think or may have thought, he was one of the Miami Heat’s best before being moved this past season.

From an impact on the game perspective and allowing your team to do what they do, he was a key as anyone. The Miami Heat paid for it too once they let him leave, picking back up a bit of that same something when they brought in Dewayne Dedmon, though Dedmon and Olynyk get it done differently.

If it can happen though, how?