Miami Heat: 2020-21 End Of Season Grades For Bam Adebayo

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Miami Heat

Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker (8) passes the ball to center Tristan Thompson (13) against Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo (13)
(David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat started the season on a high. Coming into the season, expectations for Bam Adebayo were probably a little too high though, once you look back.

But after being a first time All-Star and making his first All-Defensive team, the 2nd team, you thought it was all about to fall into place. Also making the Finals for the first time in his career was a big step for Adebayo, it finally gave him the chance to be on a big stage.

Year four for Adebayo was filled with many emotions. Especially offensively, where it felt as though Adebayo wasn’t being that player we all know he could be.

Adebayo is that little kid who knows his crush likes him, but he’s just nervous to ask her out on a date. You know she is going say yes, all he has to do is ask her.

We all know Adebayo can be a problem offensively but he needs to believe in himself… is the point.  Adebayo is a walking 20 points, 10 rebounds, six dimes, 2 swats, and 2 steals per game type of guy, easily.

He just has to put it all together. Let’s look at it all.

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