Miami Heat: How Should Busy NBA Trade Deadline Be Handled?

The Miami Heat have been chugging along with a less-than-healthy roster for the vast majority of the season. Despite the starting lineup constantly shifting, the Miami Heat have been one of the most consistent teams in the East.

With the Heat’s rotation almost fully healthy, the NBA trade deadline is fast approaching. Many teams in the East are projected to make a big push at the deadline to try and catapult themselves into a title-contending position.

Among these trade rumors, the 76ers and Nets are reportedly engaging in talks involving Ben Simmons and James HardenThe Knicks have begun discussing trade deals for Kemba Walker and Julius Randle that would bring back at least one All-Star caliber player.

The Celtics are linked to the Cavaliers in a potential Dennis Schroder-centered trade. The Pacers have been itching to unload several of their big-name players for weeks now.

With the foundation of the NBA set to change shape, the Miami Heat will need to ask the all-important question—can this roster win a championship as it is?

All of these rumors are piled onto the Bradley Beal and CJ McCollum trade rumors that have been swirling for weeks. The trade deadline will be busy, to say the least.

However, where do the Miami Heat stand in the mix of all of these trade rumors?

As of now, the only main report that has been linked to the Heat came a few weeks ago. Miami is reportedly interested in acquiring Christian Wood from Houston, reportedly.

This deal would need to involve sending a number of role players, picks, or a combination of both to Houston. Wood is a starting-caliber big who could alleviate some of P.J. Tucker’s responsibilities at power forward.

He could also slide into and improve an already heavily defensive-minded Heat starting lineup. Since this is the only major trade rumor linked to this Miami Heat team that has been flying high all season, Miami may not be as active as some of their Eastern Conference counterparts.

With the foundation of the NBA set to change shape in the coming week, Miami will need to take stock once again and ask the all-important question—can this roster win a championship as it is?

If the answer is yes, the Heat should remain passive at the trade deadline and see how the dust settles around the league. If the answer is no, Miami may need to adapt on the fly and trade pieces before the deadline passes on Thursday, February 10th.

With Pat Riley at the helm, Miami is bound to watch the completed trades in earnest and take the best course of action for the remainder of the season. Regardless, the Heat are poised to make the playoffs once again and should be looking to make another deep playoff push.