Miami Heat: Coach Spoelstra Humbled By Top-15 Honor

Former Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade talks to Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra(Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports)
Former Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade talks to Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra(Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are one of the best teams in the league right now. However, they are always one of the best-coached teams in the league and they are constantly one of the best-run organizations in the league.

They always hit their marks too, oftentimes, overachieving. When they have the rosters to win the titles, they do so or compete to do so at the highest levels.

Even when the rosters aren’t quite up to par though, not title contention worthy, they always do more than the public and others think they should be able to.

While that’s all heavily rooted in the job done by the men that are shopping for the groceries, Andy Elisburg and Pat Riley, the man that cooks with the groceries has a lot to do with it too. Coach Erik Spoelstra is the chef that cooks with a fire that can only be classified as—you guessed it, Miami Heat.

Underappreciated and underrated for such a long time, Coach Spo has just simply continued to do what he’s done.

The Miami Heat are as great as they are because of great leadership. That extends from Pat Riley to Erik Spoelstra, two top-15 coaches in NBA history.

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that’s—be great and so much, that for the NBA 75 ranking of the top 15 NBA coaches of all time, Spo was named to the list along with his boss, Miami Heat top dog, and the Godfather of the NBA, Pat Riley.

They’ve only had six of them, to be clear, Pat Riley, Spo, Ron Rothstein, Kevin Loughery, Alvin Gentry, and Stan Van Gundy, all very good coaches to be honest. However, with these two on the list, that makes 1/3 of the coaches in Miami history.

Of course though, the whole thing is simply, ‘humbling’ to Coach Spoelstra, a man that never gets too caught up in himself, just caught up with being the best at his job. Here was his reaction, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

"Spoelstra today on being named top 15 coach of all time by NBA: “Uncomfortable. I’m pretty awkward and, you know, the essence of coaching is not a list. It’s about trying to bring value and be helpful. But it’s extremely humbling.”"

A man of few words but a lot of actions, he’s always just looking to get better at what he does. That’s been reflected in the Miami Heat’s success this season.

He’s been able to take an adverse situation and a hodgepodge of different guys, making them all but sure title contenders. Having great talent, like Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry, helps but without a guy like Spo leading them all, they wouldn’t be where they are.

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Good for Spo! He’s earned it!