Miami Heat: Bam Adebayo Against Charlotte The Epitome Of ‘Aggressive’

Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat shoots over P.J. Washington #25 of the Charlotte Hornets(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat shoots over P.J. Washington #25 of the Charlotte Hornets(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are just a few steps from being able to accomplish their ultimate goal for this season. Just a game or two from the regular season being over, the NBA Playoffs are on the horizon.

With this Miami Heat team, a team that has been among the best in the league all season and at the top of the East, the competition isn’t so much the question. Capable of beating anyone in a series, they just need to come out and be themselves to do it.

While that will take concerted efforts from everyone on the team, there is one guy, in particular, that has a very deciding impact on all of that. That would be Bam Adebayo.

Being a more aggressive version of himself since a contest against Boston shortly after his return from injury this season, he has seen his game go to new levels in all facets. Always being a defensive ace and anchor for his Heat team, he has seen his aggressiveness, as a whole, increase by several levels.

That’s just it though. When people hear “aggressiveness” and especially with Bam, they automatically think it means to, simply, “shoot more”.

The Miami Heat will go as far as their best players can take them and that includes Bam Adebayo. If aggressive in all aspects of his game, that means far.

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While that single aspect is a part of it, it isn’t all of it. Sometimes, it’s even looking to get that shot or being aggressive with his movements before a potential shot—or not, just to keep the defense honest.

Though this seems like a basic pick and roll set, it’s about how it looks. Yes, Bam would eventually finish off the play but even if he hadn’t got the pass, the ferocity with which he fought to get through the fracas is what stands out.

Let’s say he doesn’t get the shot here, what would happen though as a result of him being intent, purposeful, and aggressive in his actions is manipulation and movement of the defense. If it wasn’t him getting an easy bucket, by his standards, then what he had done would have created an easier opportunity for one of his teammates.

Now mind you, Bam got to a ton of his own offense in this one too. You absolutely want an need that from him.

It’s bigger than just the offense, in general, though, never mind just the shooting aspect of it all. Take this play for example, one heck of a defensive effort by the nimble big man.

This is Bam being aggressive! This is what you want from him.

To put it plainly, “aggressiveness” is a mindset. This is that mentality.

The attitude it takes to drop your coverage, fall all the way back to the cup, and still protect your rim from what appeared to be an easy bucket for the opposition. Mind you, the force and the beauty of the block are just extra toppings.

If Bam Adebayo is playing with this mentality in all aspects of his game, he can’t be stopped, while he could stop anyone. It’s really just that simple and the same stands for the Miami Heat, in whatever their hopes and goals are.

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This is what an “aggressive Bam Adebayo” should truly look like. And you know what, as always—you just love to see it!