Miami Heat Roundtable: Feelings On A Boston Celtics Playoff Matchup

Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat goes to the basket against the Boston Celtics (Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat goes to the basket against the Boston Celtics (Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images) /
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Miami Heat
Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat grabs a rebound next to Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics(Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images) /

Miami Heat Roundtable: Boston Celtics Playoff Matchup – Noah’s Take

The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics have had two different kinds of seasons. Although the Heat have had to deal with inconsistencies in their lineups all year, one thing that has been consistent is their success.

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They have earned win after win, leading them to the top spot in the East. The Celtics, on the other hand, got off to a shaky start to the season.

Some even questioned the chemistry of the team when Marcus Smart challenged the ability of Celtics costars, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, to lead the team in the fourth quarter. That challenge by Marcus Smart ended up being a wake-up call, as the team has turned their season around since that time.

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The Celtics are getting hot at the right time. The NBA playoffs are just weeks away and they look to be one of the top teams competing in the East.

If they are going to win it all, they will, most likely, have to go through the Miami Heat. The Heat and the Celtics have had some classic matchups in the playoffs.

One of the best series was in 2012. On the road to their second franchise title, the Heat and their Big 3 defeated the Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen Celtics squad in a competitive battle. The series was headlined by a captivating 45 point performance in Game 6 by LeBron James.

More recently, the Heat faced the Celtics on their way to the NBA Finals in 2020. This was also a great series.

Both teams had young sprouting stars who had started making a huge impact in the league. Tatum and Brown had become certified stars, while Bam Adebayo displayed All-Star growth and Tyler Herro showed signs of great potential.

Everyone competed in this series. The defining moment was Bam’s late-game block on Jayson Tatum.

It will go down as one of the greatest blocks in NBA postseason history. This year, the Heat have the chance to have another legendary battle with the Cs.

Who doesn’t love a great Heat-Celtics rivalry series? The Celtics look tough to beat right now, especially with their improved defense, but the Heat would be a tough opponent for them.

This would certainly be a series to look forward to. The biggest concern for the Celtics right now is the loss of their center, Robert Williams.

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He was the defensive anchor for them. His absence is a tough blow for the team.

However, the Celtics are still a good team without him. Although the loss of Robert Williams increases Miami’s chances of winning the series, the Heat still would need to play at their best.

There are several ways that the Celtics could outlast the Heat. Miami needs to prioritize taking care of the ball and shutting down their opponents.

The Celtics have the best scorer on both teams in Jayson Tatum. The Heat need to limit his ability to score and prevent him from getting hot.

Additionally, the Heat turn the ball over too much. They are currently the third-worst team in terms of turnovers per game.

The Celtics are a great defensive team and have several players who can force turnovers, especially the pesky Marcus Smart. The Heat need to make sure they are locked in against the Celtics if they end up facing them this year.

The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics rivalry has led to some entertaining moments throughout the years. It would be great to see them face off this year, especially considering how both teams are seen as legitimate title contenders.

This matchup would definitely lead to some more great playoff moments. For me, that would be a resounding yes for these reasons.