Miami Heat Again Locked In After Late-Season Turmoil

Udonis Haslem #40 and Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat talk (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Udonis Haslem #40 and Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat talk (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

In case you didn’t know, the Miami Heat had a situation as the season was coming to a close. Three of the most important dudes in the organization decided that it would be beneficial to engage in a, how do we say, war of wisdom on the sidelines.

In case you also didn’t know, the Miami Heat would go on to rebound from that snafu, winning their next six consecutive games before deciding to take the final game of the season off, allowing Victor Oladipo to showcase himself and his renewed abilities.

For what it’s worth, brighter minds had to have known that they would come out on the other side of this all the better. Well, the odds and history have always shown that this organization, in particular, uses situations like these to galvanize themselves and come together.

That’s just what has happened too. This team has great leaders and when your goals are as big as theirs are, these are just some of the things that happen.

And with that, two of the three guys involved in the incident recently spoke to these notions.

Jimmy Butler said it himself. This team has “great leadership”.

The Miami Heat have experienced it all this year, but they’ve ‘stayed the course’. That’s what you do when you are a title-contending franchise like they are.

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The reason that Udonis Haslem was qualified to say some of the things that he said to Jimmy during the incident is because of said leadership. There is also the fact that he gets in the trenches with his guys.

He works just as hard as they do. He works just as long as they do.

Everything that the rest of the team does, the oldest guy on the team, one of the oldest around the entire league in fact, does all of that too. Well, there is also that thing that he has done that only a few of the other newer Miami Heat guys have done as well.

UD has a title and Jimmy spoke to all of those notions. The man, himself, also spoke about all of this and the incident in itself.

It couldn’t have been said any better. That’s “a typical day in Miami”.

As alluded to earlier and by Haslem in the above, they would go on to have one of their more impressive streaks of the year directly after the four-game losing streak and blow up. The Miami Heat are good.

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They’ll be even better once they actually find out who they’ll face on Sunday after Friday’s final Eastern Conference Play-In game but for now, they’re good. Even after the late-season turmoil they endured, they now find themselves locked in on the main goal for the year—the NBA Title.