Miami Heat: KCP Says Duncan Robinson One Of “Best” At What He Does

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope #1 of the Washington Wizards defends Duncan Robinson #55 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope #1 of the Washington Wizards defends Duncan Robinson #55 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

Yes, the Miami Heat have a huge opportunity before them on Friday night. Heading into the Atlanta Hawks’ home arena, they have a chance to go up, 3-0, in their opening-round NBA Playoff series.

With that notion, being up 2-0 mostly guarantees victory in any given series across history but a 3-0 lead certifies it in those same circumstances. They still have to go out there and do it though.

Coming off a performance in Game 2, where he didn’t have a shot attempt and after an electric career-high type of Game 1, Duncan Robinson should be feeling as good as he’s felt on most days going into Game 3. Well, for one, it’s his birthday, but that’s not the only reason.

He also received high praise recently from one of his contemporaries and one of the guys in the league that is known for his defensive chops. From a piece by Chase Hughes of NBC SportsWashington Wizards wing, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, was asked about his least favorite cover in the NBA.

With a Miami Heat chance to go up, 3-0, on Friday over Atlanta, a Duncan Robinson explosion would help. Being one of the NBA’s toughest covers, he can.

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Here was his response.

"“I would say Duncan Robinson. [And] that’s a great compliment for him,” Caldwell-Pope said“Those types of guys that move without the ball and are always moving, I tend to get lost a little bit ball-watching. So, guarding him is always, I’m always focused.Like, he’s my man and I’m guarding him. I probably won’t look at anybody else but him. I’ve got to give him that respect. He’s a great player. Off the ball, he’s one of the best.”"

As indicated in KCPresponse, that’s a major compliment to the Miami Heat’s resident sharpshooter. That’s what, actually, separates Duncan from a lot of guys and what has also helped make him into the player that he is.

While his stroke on the deep ball is legit, it’s the ability to separate from his defender with movement, get himself into position, and then hit those shots off of that movement, if need be, that really helps him stand apart. Again, from a guy that is known to be a pretty good defender, this is the utmost of compliments.

Hopefully, Robinson can take all the happy tidings, the good juju of his special day, and parlay that into a big showing for his Heat on Friday.

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The sooner they handle their business in this first round, the quicker they can start to prepare for Philadelphia, seemingly their next opponents in the Eastern Conference Playoff race.