Miami Heat: Bam Adebayo Has To Trust His Game As Much As Everyone Else Does

Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo (13) reacts after a dunk during the first half of game seven of the 2022 eastern conference finals(Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo (13) reacts after a dunk during the first half of game seven of the 2022 eastern conference finals(Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat were mere paces away from making a second trip to the NBA Finals in just three years, but the long-range Jimmy Butler shot just wouldn’t fall. While he did all he could to get the Miami Heat to that point, playing in all 48 minutes of that game and a combined 93 minutes and 57 seconds of a total possible 96 minutes between Games 6 and 7, he couldn’t finish the job alone.

Well, some tend to believe that if he had consistent help throughout the series, he wouldn’t have had to. Whether you want to point fingers there or not is one thing and perhaps a bit unfair, it does point to a general issue in the grand scheme of it all.

It’s also not something that hasn’t been discussed ad nauseam before. Everyone has to step up when the team and leader need them most, such as Jimmy Butler in the playoffs but specifically, Bam Adebayo has to realize that he can and should be giving more.

To be quite frank, it’s all one big conundrum. At times, Bam Adebayo shows his aggression and the complete depth of his offensive ability.

The Miami Heat will surely look to get better this offseason, which could mean anything. However, Bam Adebayo can ensure they do from the inside as well.

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You look at games like the one against Brooklyn last season or a game against the San Antonio Spurs from this season, which show you that he has the ability to carry a team offensively if and when he chooses to.

Then, he’ll become the same passive seeming guy in the very next contest. He shows aggression, this is true, but not consistently enough.

Though he was a little too loosey-goosey with handle throughout this most recent NBA Playoff run, he had opportunities to get some things done in transition too that he didn’t take advantage of. With his ability, clear lanes, and the defense on their heels, he should have been going coast to coast more.

He had the opportunity a ton in these playoffs, especially against a stingy Boston Celtics team. He grabs the board, has more than enough handle and ball skill to convert on the break, but often got caught out there trying to get it to someone else or be too unselfish.

It not only leads to total offensive stagnation, at times but also found him in some of those tough situations in the playoffs. That problem even presents itself in the halfcourt at times, as he has the opportunity to attack guys but doesn’t.

It seems that he, almost, scrambles for a guy to pass it to. When there is an isolation situation that looks like him, three feet of space, and then the defender playing a center field approach on the rim, he shouldn’t be passing it.

He should be attacking it with his dynamic athleticism, dexterity, and ball skill. Bam Adebayo has all the ability in the world, we know that, and that’s because he shows it.

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However, he has to begin to trust it all the time or, at least, as much as his teammates, coaches, others in the organization, and the fans do. That would give them an immediate massive boost moving forward.