Miami Heat Roundtable: Is price worth it for Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell?

Donovan Mitchell #45 of the Utah Jazz in action against Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Donovan Mitchell #45 of the Utah Jazz in action against Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (45) drives to the hoop against Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3)(Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports) /

Miami Heat: Price worth it for Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell – Will’s Take

The price for both Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant has those that follow the Miami Heat in a frenzy, debating on whether Miami should gut the team for either both of them, one of them, or just simply run it back.

Will’s Take (@crackseason)

To help give more level-headed thought to the topic, let’s get down to the fundamentals of it all. Should Miami go all in for either Mitchell or KD?

The answer is a resounding yes!

When discussing Mitchell, there are concerns on whether or not he can be a number one option for a championship team. The answer is probably no, but Jimmy Butler is a number one option and one that just needs another reliable scorer.

Mitchell can be just that. Tyler Herro would be the main target in this trade scenario and this may be tough to hear for Herro fans, but Herro just isn’t the guy that Mitchell is yet.

He’s improved every season and has loads of potential, but comparing what Herro and Mitchell bring to the table is night and day. Mitchell is a number one option for the Utah Jazz, night in and night out, and was able to average 26 points, five boards, and four assists for the season.

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What really seals the deal on being all in on moving Tyler, is his pitiful 2022 playoff performance. Tyler was supposed to be the third-best player and second-best scorer for Miami but was turning the ball over at any show of a double team, while he also couldn’t hit a shot.

He couldn’t get to the rim and was completely out of rhythm. Butler needs help, scoring-wise, and it’s that simple.

Bam can score in spurts, but he’s not comfortable being that second scoring option yet. Getting Mitchell would allow Bam to play freely and with Mitchell’s presence, could open more lanes and avenues for Bam to score as well.

Both Tyler and Mitchell have their flaws on defense and who knows, Tyler could end up just as good as Mitchell. However, the sad and realistic truth is that you don’t have time with Butler’s window.

Donovan is proven, so Tyler and Donovan can be swapped. As far as gutting the roster for picks to send to Utah, you do it.

Yes, Gabe Vincent and Max Strus were vital pieces, but you have to know when to sell high.

Just look at Duncan Robinson. It was believed he had high value but after this past season, that might be gone.

Miami picked Vincent and Strus up off the streets, only to turn them into solid role players. If you can flip G-leaguers into Donovan Mitchell, you do it!

Another key component is that Mitchell and Adebayo will be your future now. You’ll never have to worry about a whale again until Jimmy either retires or leaves.

Once Jimmy is gone, Bam and Mitchell can go recruit another young player to join them. Both are close with a lot of other guys in the league, so it’s not hard to imagine those two recruiting.

As far as KD is concerned, you send the farm for him too. Yes, he’s 33 and has health questions, but who cares?

For a trio of Jimmy, Bam, and Durant, you do it! However, Edrice Femi Adebayo has to stay in Miami, no matter what.

If you trade Bam for KD, you can kiss a ring goodbye. The defense he brings is like none other in the league.

The whole point of trading for these guys is to form a Big 3. Top-tier duos don’t always deliver a championship.

Just look at the past couple of NBA champions. Jimmy and KD would be an awesome duo, but both have shown to be injury prone and certainly need minute restrictions.

Do you really want your dynamic duo to be a 33-year-old KD and 32-year-old Butler?

Miami needs to go all in for either, but also needs to remember their players’ value. Role players can fall off the face of the Earth after a great season.

If they have to go, they have to go. Guys like Jimmy and Bam are untouchable and are the building blocks.

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For both players, the sentiment stands. You get the talent first, then worry about roster depth and everything else later.

If you’re really in win-now mode, you do whatever it takes.