Miami Heat: Ceiling and floor for Dewayne Dedmon’s role in 2022-23 season

Dewayne Dedmon #21 of the Miami Heat reacts in warm ups before Game Three of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Dewayne Dedmon #21 of the Miami Heat reacts in warm ups before Game Three of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat haven’t added any new talent to the roster, but they have managed to keep around a few of their important pieces from the last season or so. With P.J. Tucker walking to Philadelphia, the Heat did retain Victor Oladipo, Caleb Martin, and a man that has given all he has in his minutes on the court across the last two seasons, Dewayne Dedmon.

With Dedmon not being the same after a leg injury last season, he should return healthy, fresh, and invigorated after receiving a two-year deal for nine million to return to Miami. With that, what could his role look like in the coming season?

Ceiling: Floor Stretching Workaholic Capable Of Playing Beside Other Bigs

With full health and another year in the Miami Heat’s systems, their approach to each game and player fitness, we should be on the precipice of seeing Dedmon’s peak Miami Heat form. For him, that should be a continued willingness to outwork most other guys on the floor while always giving supreme effort.

Though on very few attempts, he shot 40 percent from three as a seven-footer last season.

The Miami Heat have been labeled ‘undersized’ for the last few years. So, it’s a very good thing they retained the services of Dewayne Dedmon.

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That should allow him to play beside other big men, Bam Adebayo and others, but especially if Adebayo decides to unleash the full capabilities of his offensive game.

Also, a peak version of Dedmon is one that has adjusted to the fact that they are looking to call fouls on all of his screens. That takes us to his potential floor though.

Floor: Same Workaholic, But Also The Exact Same Player

While he’s a guy that gets it done with his heart and effort, so you’ll never see too much dropoff, he can be a bit better and more focused in comparison to his last two seasons or so in Miami.

He’ll always give you effort, physicality, and toughness but with a little more discipline and desire, he could be a viable stretch-five option for Miami. He has flashed that capability in his time with the Heat but hasn’t quite put it all together consistently.

Then, there is also the foul thing. His floor is being the exact same guy he’s been for the last season and a half or so.

His health was a big part of the inconsistency showed at the end of last season, but it’s never because he isn’t going all out with his effort. That’s what you really love about Dedmon.

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You hope he can reach his ceiling, as it could be really key to helping the Miami Heat compete with anyone this season, but he’s still a pretty good utility piece at his floor.