Andre Iguodala on Anthony Edwards: ‘2 months of Miami’ Heat ball and ‘it’s over’

Miami Heat forward Andre Iguodala (28) and center Dewayne Dedmon (21) defend Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards (rear)(Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Andre Iguodala (28) and center Dewayne Dedmon (21) defend Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards (rear)(Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports) /

Though the Miami Heat haven’t been able to move the needle on the NBA trade market, that doesn’t mean that the chatter of what some of the bigger names around the league might look like with the Miami Heat will stop.

While the subject of today’s chat isn’t an actual target or possibility for them at the moment, it’s more than worth a conversation. To dive right into it, a Miami Heat Lifer and the Greatest Miami Heat player ever got together to talk about some things, those guys being Andre Iguodala and Dwyane Wade.

On Iguodala’s podcast, The Point Forward Podcast, that he does along with another former NBAer turned coach, Evan Turner, they all got into a conversation about one of the most exciting young players in the league, the electric and explosive Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Miami Heat’s culture is a real thing, not just a cute marketing ploy. And Both, Andre Iguodala and Dwyane Wade, will attest to that very fact.

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Here is a clip of the part of the conversation in question.

Responding to Wade, who insinuated that Edwards had a lot of similarities in his game as Flash had to his, here is the really interesting part of the whole back and forth. It came near the end of the above clip from Iguodala.

"The kid came at me full speed one time and he did an “in and out” and… there was absolutely nothing I could do. I’m like “it’s time for me to wrap it up”.This kid, he’s different. He’s like you when he can change those directions and he can split pick and rolls. And then he’s explosive coming out of it. it’s insane!All he need… he needs two months of Miami basketball and it’s over with."

Wade would chuckle in agreeance like the proud parent and purveyor that he is, responding simultaneously by saying “he needs two months of the culture”. Iggy, officially dubbed a purveyor for his brief but impactful time with the Miami Heat, responded again with “it’s over”.

While, again, this isn’t something that is likely to happen, there are two things to take away here. If the man, himself, and a guy as respected and accomplished as Iguodala said it—there’s definitely something to it.

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Secondly, the Culture is real and a lot of the great ones know it. In fact and lastly, yes, if Ant-Man were to ever find himself submerged in the lauded Miami Heat Culture, to quote Iggy here, it would, indeed, be “over” for a lot of other teams around the league.