Some list Miami Heat among favorites to sign Carmelo Anthony

As the Miami Heat get set to embark upon training camp, they aren’t a complete team. Though they have the necessary parts to give a valiant effort on any given night as is, for which you know the Miami Heat will always do, you would feel more comfortable if they were able to add another guy to their four-man rotation.

While you would love to add a feature guy there, a guy that you can plug in to absorb a large share of the minutes there, adding another guy capable of contributing to help deepen the rotation at that position wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world either.

A name that hasn’t really come up much, a late signer at this point in his career, is Carmelo Anthony. Well, that’s until now.

In fact and according to some, the Miami Heat are among the highest favored teams in the NBA to sign the 10-time NBA All-Star and future Hall Of Famer. In second place to be exact, here is the complete list.

The Miami Heat could still stand to add a PF and Carmel Anthony sits out there. Some people out there believe they are among the favorites to sign him.

  • Phoenix Suns 2-1
  • Miami Heat 3-1
  • Milwaukee Bucks 4-1
  • Denver Nuggets 4-1
  • New York Knicks 5-1
  • Brooklyn Nets 6-1

A career 22.5 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game player, Anthony averaged 13.3 points, 4.2 rebounds, and an assist last season across 69 games played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He would do so while playing 26 minutes a game and shooting 37.5 percent from range on 5.8 attempts.

Imagine what the Miami Heat could get out of him across 20 minutes or so a night, nonetheless if he can still give them the 25 or more he gave the Lakers last season. And with his remaining great scoring prowess, a not too shabby near 38 percent from deep last season, he can certainly give them a boost in an area where they typically struggle.

He has good size to play the stretch four in today’s league and will, likely, do so in the best shape of his life if in Miami. He would also play some of the best defense of his life and could do wonders for Bam Adebayo and his offensive game.

He is still out there and the Miami Heat have a need. It won’t cost them much and you hope that the oddsmakers might be right on this one.