Miami Heat broadcaster, Eric Reid, goes deep with the pregame preparation

Dwyane Wade (L) of the Miami Heat and Eric Reid attend the NBA Championship victory rally (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)
Dwyane Wade (L) of the Miami Heat and Eric Reid attend the NBA Championship victory rally (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat weren’t able to get a win in the second half of their back-to-back set of games on Thursday night against the Golden State Warriors at their home arena, the Chase Center, though they did fight hard and gave themselves every bit of a chance to win that game.

As always though, there are no moral victories when it comes to the Miami Heat, as they either win or they lose but you love to see the fight they had against this high quality of an opponent in the defending champs, how much fight they had to give on the second night of a back to back against two tough opponents, and the way they went about it.

They played their brand of ball on both sides and they got after it on defense. Though you can ask for a win, you cannot ask for anything else in a losing effort, one you can’t be too awfully upset about anyway, especially this early in the year.

And besides, Heat fans win every single night and that’s because they get to listen to their dynamic broadcast team of Eric Reid and John Crotty on the Miami Heat’s television broadcast.

The Miami Heat always put a hard-working bunch on the floor because it’s the ‘brand’. And that apparently emanates all through the building based on this.

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Known for their catchy phrases and hijinks on-air, always a hilarious “situation”, the tandem has entertained Heat fans for their duration as a pair thus far, while Reid himself has been with the Heat for over 30 years. The lone remaining original member of the broadcast team, Reid continues to go as hard at it as he ever as.

And here is the proof.

With everything from the night’s lineup of games, the current staple facts of the league such as “winless” or undefeated teams and league team scoring leaders, to the Warriors’ all-time leading scorers, and back down to the maximum occupancy of the Warriors’ Chase Center, E.Reid has accounted for it all.

And guess what? That’s just on the front cover of his prepared folder here.

You’ll take a little look in the top right-hand corner, where you can see that it, of course, goes deeper than what you can see pictured in the photo. But it would have to, right?

Of course it would. As that’s how you end up with the stupendous final product that they put on television for every single Miami Heat broadcast.

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And no matter how easy they make it look—or sound, this right here proves that it isn’t that easy and a ton of work goes into a gig that many on the outside might take for granted.

Here’s a salute to the great Eric Reid!