Coach Spo’s insight in light of one of Kyle Lowry’s top Miami Heat games

Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat shoots a three-point shot over Terence Davis #3 of the Sacramento Kings(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat shoots a three-point shot over Terence Davis #3 of the Sacramento Kings(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat got a huge win on Wednesday night and though it was over the lowly Sacramento Kings, it’s not about who they beat but how they got it done. Playing a Miami Heat brand of basketball, they would get after it on both sides.

The ball had energy, the players had energy, and thus, the entire team had energy. They showed that energy on both sides as well, making the extra pass or moving without the ball to open areas, while they also showed an ability to scramble and help their teammates make stops on defense.

The defensive delivery could have been better, however, the effort, the want to, the grit, and all of the things that help a team win when they aren’t their sharpest were there. And that’s how the Miami Heat got the win on Wednesday.

Well, that and because they roster some really talented guys. Bam Adebayo had himself a game, while Tyler Herro certainly came up big in sinking the shot that would turn out to be the dagger.

But even with all they did, along with the rest of the squad’s contributions on a night where they were without Jimmy Butler, nobody can say they had a bigger showing than Kyle Lowry.

The Miami Heat got a huge win on Wednesday and a huge performance out of Kyle Lowry along the way. He now has to be, somewhat, this same guy nightly.

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Although his 22 points weren’t his biggest offensive showing ever in a Miami Heat uniform, the way he did it, the timeliness of his offense, and when it all came makes this one of his best showings ever in a Miami Heat uniform—if not his very best.

Plainly put, he was the engine that got them started and a huge part of the closing caravan that helped bring them home.

And it was that final shot in the above clip that helped seal the deal for the Heat. Giving them a shot at a 2 for 1 opportunity to close the game, while being up nonetheless because he sank the turnaround on Domantas Sabonis, Kyle Lowry would all but ensure that the Heat’s fate was squarely in their hands when the final regulation buzzer sounded.

And it was, as they would foul Sabonis to see him sink the two free throws to tie the ball game up before Herro would sink his three-pointer in the final moments. But again, Lowry’s impact on it all cannot go understated.

But that takes you here. For all he has done during his Miami Heat tenure and for what you have seen this year from him so far, this game proves that he still has a ton to give.

Now, he can longer put up some of the halfhearted seeming clunkers that he has in some games either though, also a result of showing the world that you still have some really good stuff to display. To be fair, his head coach, Erik Spoelstra, would note after the game that it isn’t him, so to speak, as much as the team needing to find a flow.

And Lowry’s activity or perceived inactivity has been a byproduct of such, again, according to Spo. No matter what the reason has been, we saw what he can do against the Kings, and at the very worst, you’d expect to see, at least, 70 percent of this guy on a regular basis moving forward.

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Because if he shows up, the Heat can certainly make noise when it matters the most.