Dedmon’s value to Miami Heat on full display against Raptors and Suns

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Miami Heat

Jalen McDaniels #6 of the Charlotte Hornets looks to pass the ball around Dewayne Dedmon #21 of the Miami Heat
(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

With the Miami Heat falling one game back below .500 Wednesday with their loss to the Toronto Raptors, they must look to get back even, and hopefully progress beyond that on Friday. Among these 15 games though and the resounding sentiments surrounding them that stand out, there have been two that have been closely associated with one another.

Though the Miami Heat can still stand to add a piece or so, or perhaps play the ones they have more, it has often come at the expense of Dewayne Dedmon and his contribution to the team. Basically, the team needs to add a piece, because Dewayne Dedmon isn’t fulfilling his obligation. 

And again, while the first part of that may be true, the second part is, indeed, not quite the truth at all. And though it has been apparent prior to the last two games for the Miami Heat, their win against the Phoenix Suns and their Wednesday defeat to Toronto, it was really on display in those two.

There is another intriguing part about it though. On Monday in their win, it was about what he did while he was on the court, while in their defeat on Wednesday, it was about what he couldn’t do because he wasn’t on the court.

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