Miami Heat and Coach Spoelstra must deploy Nikola Jovic regularly

Miami Heat forward Nikola Jovic (5) looks to pass as Washington Wizards forward Rui Hachimura (8) defends(Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Nikola Jovic (5) looks to pass as Washington Wizards forward Rui Hachimura (8) defends(Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have had a tumultuous last two games. Though they were right in their game before their last one, an overtime defeat to the Washington Wizards, they weren’t able to secure enough rebounds in the final moments of that one to pull out the win.

Then though—there was Sunday evening. Thinking that they would, at least, put up a good fight against the blazing-hot Cleveland Cavaliers, getting Bam Adebayo back into the lineup and all, they were demolished in that game.

Though they were able to keep it close in the first period, the Cavs took control in the second and never looked back. Though those two defeats hurt, from the perspective of having to experience them and how they impact the Heat’s record, there was one very specific good thing to arise from those contests.

Simply put, Nikola Jovic must play.

The Miami Heat are banged up and still searching. Now, among those circumstances, they probably found something with Nikola Jovic.

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Getting an opportunity on Friday against the Wizards to play heavy minutes, with the Heat only having seven guys though they dressed Gabe Vincent to have the necessary eight (to prevent a league-mandated forfeit for less than eight players) knowing he wouldn’t see a minute, Jovic came through.

Finishing with 18 points and six rebounds while shooting 1/3 from range, he really showed what he can do with a steady dose of minutes. Now, his numbers weren’t as impactful or grand against Cleveland, but the way he maneuvered around the floor beside Bam Adebayo was just as telling.

Not only could he and Bam Adebayo be, somewhat, interchangeable offensively but his ability to be another distributor and three-level threat as a big can only help his teammates be better. It would not only allow them to better find ways to score off the ball, as he could find them if they got to open areas of the floor but the space would also allow his teammates to be more effective when they are on the ball.

It’s just a good situation all the way around. Now, this is all neverminding the fact that he is a young guy, seemingly brimming with talent, only should get better, and that much faster with more experience on the floor.

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And with all that, in case it wasn’t obviously apparent at this point, Nikola Jovic must play. Hopefully, Coach Spoelstra feels the same way.