Haywood Highsmith proving to truly be a Miami Heat ‘culture’ guy

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) scores over Miami Heat forward Haywood Highsmith( Michael Laughlin-USA TODAY Sports)
Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) scores over Miami Heat forward Haywood Highsmith( Michael Laughlin-USA TODAY Sports) /

It was December of 2021 for the Miami Heat, just over a year or so from where time currently resides when the Miami Heat signed a lesser-known prospect to a 10-day contract. And ironically enough, prematurely swapping places with a guy with whom he shares a ton of traits, he had just been waived by the Philadelphia 76ers.

That guy was Haywood Highsmith. Starting out his Miami Heat career on the slower side of things, he would also begin this season that way.

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Speaking again of that guy whom he, kind of, swapped places with a year removed, he shares a lot of the same characteristics as a P.J. Tucker. Though not as adept a defender as peak P.J. Tucker, it can be argued that’s only a matter of experience and what he has seen thus far in his young NBA career.

Every single time he gets the chance to step on the floor for the Heat though, he shows you a lot of that same stuff that you got from the veteran forward.

When the Miami Heat signed Haywood Highsmith, few knew who he was and what he was about. But after a year, it’s clear that he is, indeed, a ‘culture’ guy.

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He is gritty, tenacious, willing to do whatever, and never wants to quit on a winnable situation.

Improving all aspects of his game heading into this season, he is truly proving to be a reliable reserve for the Miami Heat. Speaking towards that extreme willingness and motivation to do the everything else of the game that is so crucial to winning, he has shown the ability to be another Swiss Army Knife type of player for the Miami Heat.

But that’s not to, again, take away from the overall improvements he’s made as a scorer as well. Making a consistent impact on that side of the ball and reaching the high double digits scoring mark for the Heat several times this year, Highsmith is proving to truly be a Miami Heat Culture guy.

For the Heat particularly, it’s not always about the cute stuff, as winning takes more than just that. If you can impact winning and positively contribute to the team, while being willing to do whatever it takes and go the extra mile with your effort as a player, the Heat can help you maximize that stuff and be a longtime pro.

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Now, of course, you must be an NBA player, as there is still a certain level of talent needed beyond being just a try-hard. But like guys like Caleb Martin and Gabe Vincent before him, Highsmith is showing that and the kind of ancillary skill that just oozes what the Heat are all about.