Jimmy Butler rightfully gives young fan his ‘Miami Heat moment’ after sitting Tuesday

Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat smiles during warm-ups(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat smiles during warm-ups(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

All is right in the Miami Heat’s world on a Wednesday afternoon. And this is not only because they are coming off one of their better wins of the year on the live national airwaves of TNT on Tuesday night.

Playing without Jimmy Butler, whom they found out wouldn’t be going just before the game started after his back began to tighten up on him during warmups, the Miami Heat would come out to grit out a tough win over the best team in the league.

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Though they would be without several key players on their side as well, they would still have the guy that is at the top of most lists to be this season’s MVP, Jayson Tatum.

And though the game would be hotly contested, with the Heat eventually coming out on the right side, that wasn’t the only big story of the night surrounding this contest. Just before the game was tipped, this scene of a young fan started to go viral on the internet and social media.

Finding out Jimmy Butler wouldn’t be playing after he had traveled so far to get a glimpse of his favorite hooper, the young fan was visibly devastated. But upon seeing how he felt about the unfortunate occurrence, the NBA World got active.

The Miami Heat got a tough win Tuesday but 1 fan almost still didn’t enjoy it. Doing what they could Tuesday, Jimmy Butler, himself, would try on Wednesday.

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Users around the internet and social media made sure the scene got around, while two of the more influential people in the world of the NBA also made some things happen. Noting it on the TNT broadcast, former Miami Heat champion and Basketball Hall Of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal, made a call to some higher-ups to make sure they knew of the happening.

But that wasn’t all, as The Diesel’s TV broadcast partner, Jamal Crawford, also did his part. A former teammate of Jimmy’s in Minnesota, JCrossover made the call, to which he would later report back on.

He would state that, essentially, Jimmy would make it right for the young fan. And he would, but see for yourself from Crawford’s own social media account on Wednesday afternoon.

Ah. All is right in the world.

The young and, apparently, brilliant hoops fan, because he’s a fan of the great Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat, would have his dream come true and his day made. And outside of the great win over a Boston squad on the back of excellent two-way domination from Bam Adebayo, there was nothing better to come out of Tuesday.

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