NBA Trade Rumors: If nothing else arises, Miami Heat should revisit Josh Richardson

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) defends San Antonio Spurs guard Josh Richardson (7)( Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) defends San Antonio Spurs guard Josh Richardson (7)( Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are in an “alright” spot as the NBA’s traditional “halfway point” approaches. Though it isn’t quite numerically correct, most see the NBA’s All-Star Break as the end of the first half of regular-season play and the beginning of that pivotal second half.

This is the part where teams really begin to jockey for playoff seeding and put their best foot forward. But there is also another key date that comes up in the middle of February as well.

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With the NBA’s Trade Deadline set for Thursday, February 9th this season, things should begin to really heat up here soon as the calendar flips from January. And pun intended, as that may very well be the case for this Miami squad as well.

Needing a few pieces or at least, sitting in a place where it wouldn’t hurt to add something, the Miami Heat could really stand to add a big or a four-man to their rotation. While they lack size, the need for a big, the four-man could also offer some relief in that big rotation while also providing some help around the rest of the floor as well.

But, what if they strike out? What if, what they could most stand to add, isn’t out there to be had?

The Miami Heat may add a piece soon and have several spots to look at. However, if they miss on all those options, Josh Richardson can help and be had.

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Here’s a thought.

And to be frank, it’s a rather intelligent one.

That goes both from a cost-efficiency perspective and a quality of purchase perspective. Hear us out here.

No, Josh Richardson isn’t a “four” or a big but can guard up and guard down, offers said versatility on defense, a bit of shooting and playmaking on offense, and most importantly, already knows how to play Miami Heat Ball. That’s the “quality”.

When you look at the potential price, the reports say a second-rounder. And though the Miami Heat can place a different value on second-round guys with their ability to turn them into key rotation pieces, with Richardson being a prime example of such a phenomenon, that’s a relatively cheap price and even for a resource-strapped team like Miami.

There’s also the sentimental aspect of it all to consider too. Perhaps and though it helped land the Miami Heat’s current best player, Jimmy Butler, it was hard to see J-Rich leave.

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This is a chance to bring him back and ultimately, see what he can do alongside Jimmy Butler, of sorts. So, if nothing else arises, specifically towards the notion of solving their depth issues at the four or five spots, the Miami Heat should certainly look into this.