Miami Heat continue scaling NBA Play-In mountain as Nets drop another

Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat against the Chicago Bulls(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat against the Chicago Bulls(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat, sort of, have a great handle over their own eventual fates at this particular moment.

Dropping crucial games to the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets in recent weeks, the Miami Heat now have an opportunity to, not only, make up for those losses, atoning for their mistakes against the New York teams but also while possibly surpassing, at least, one of them in the Eastern Conference standings.

And with matchups against these two teams in particular on the schedule for the Miami Heat across their very next two contests, there was no better time than now for both teams to drop a game or so. And that’s just what they would do.

The Miami Heat still have to handle their own business but they’re getting help from Brooklyn. Well, by Brooklyn not helping themselves, it helps the Heat.

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The New York Knicks would take a loss on Monday night at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves, though Julius Randle would continue his own personal hot scoring streak, going for nearly 60 points in the contest with 57 to finish.

But the Knicks still sit a couple of games ahead of the Miami Heat regardless of that defeat, whereas the other New York team, the Nets, only sit a single game above Miami in the standings. Well, they previously sat one game ahead before taking a defeat to the Cavaliers on Tuesday night.

In what was once a blowout, the Nets would turn it into a closer defeat at the hands of the Cleveland team but a defeat nonetheless, leaving the Nets open and allowing themselves to be susceptible to a Miami Heat takeover any game now.

Facing off against the Cavaliers again in their next contest on Thursday, before heading down to the Miami-Dade Arena on Saturday, the Heat are now right back hot on their trails.

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And if Jimmy Butler and his Miami Heat can handle their own business Wednesday against the New York Knicks, gaining on them as well all the while, then a Saturday win over Brooklyn will be all they need to overtake them for that sixth spot— providing the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t beat them to the punch on Thursday.