2 Tyler Herro trades that could completely reshape the Miami Heat's roster

Tyler Herro is a valuable player for the Miami Heat. That's why rumors always circulate that he may be traded away.
Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets
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More rim pressure and POA defense

Dorian Finney-Smith
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Miami Heat receive: Dennis Smith Jr, Dorian Finney-Smith, Royce O'Neale, Dariq Whitehead

Brooklyn Nets receive: Tyler Herro

Keep teams out of the paint with barbaric bulldogs that want to chase and hound offensive threats for 48 minutes. Dennis Smith Jr. is a dog in all the right senses of the word. He'll pick your best option up 94 feet, trash-talking, forcing turns, and causing discomfort. A player archetype that Heat lack right now. Smith Jr. also addresses the Heat's inability to get to the basket. According to Cleaning The Glass, he's taking 48% (96th percentile) of his shots at the rim. Smith would offer another drive-and-kick dynamic to this ailing Heat offense. Who would be taking these open 3s if Herro is on the move?

Dorian Finney-Smith is a 3-and-D wing who would play the Heat PJ Tucker role. Defend at a high level and make corner 3s -- that's your job. Finney-Smith is living up to the specialist billing as he quietly shoots 38% on 5.5 3-point attempts. Royce O'Neale would offer those same skills, and Dariq Whitehead is a young prospect out of Duke. 

No doubt Miami needs to figure out how to get to the cup more while defending better on the perimeter. But these guys don't put the Heat in a different tier. They're fine players. But Herro is one of the best shooters on the planet. His unmeasurable confidence and sugary sweet shooting stroke still outweigh a deal like this.