3 Ideal Heat trade targets who fit Bam Adebayo's timeline

Miami Heat v Atlanta Hawks
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Lauri Markkanen

The Utah Jazz has a bundle of draft picks, but they could collect even more if they decide to move Lauri Markkanen. He had a breakout season last year and produced similarly this season, averaging 23.2 points and 8.2 rebounds per game. The Jazz are in rebuild mode and would have motivation to trade Markkanen for future assets. The Heat could be a buyer.

Markkanen is only 26 years old, so he would have plenty of time to play with Bam. On the court, it is a great fit for Miami’s frontcourt. Markkanen could be a stretch four next to Adebayo. If Erik Spoelstra really wants to get creative, he could try putting Markkanen, a seven-footer, at the small forward while placing someone like Nikola Jovic at the power forward position.

Markkanen would provide plenty of offensive flexibility and floor spacing for many years. The Heat should definitely give Utah a call to see what his price would be this summer.