3 Heat players who are sure to be out of the playoff rotation

The Miami Heat are loaded with depth when healthy, with an argument that 10-12 guys are capable of being in the team's rotation heading into the playoffs.
Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors
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3. Delon Wright

Delon Wright
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Now this is the one that could cause the most mixed opinions, and deservedly soon. Delon Wright was a really great buyout pick up from the Miami Heat. His point of attack defensive abilities and size as a combo guard had all the writing on the wall as a ‘Heat Culture’ type of player. In the few games that Terry Rozier missed with injury, Wright received the starts at point guard and those games resulted in wins. One of them was against a strong Western Conference playoff team in the Sacramento Kings. Wright came to Miami after being stuck in a losing situation on the Washington Wizards.

It is a shame that coach Erik Spoelstra hasn’t given Wright a real chance to earn a rotation spot. It seems like the Patty Mills addition closed the door on any potential opportunities for Wright during this last stretch of games. The Heat could have used Wright’s defense on the perimeter during this current four-game losing skid. He has only appeared in three games since signing with Miami, and two of them resulted in wins when given playing time. Wright is hungry for some playing time, and although many would think he could help contribute, Spoelstra just simply hasn’t given him a chance.

If he hasn’t been able to crack any regular season playing time thus far, it will be hard to envision him getting any playoff playing time.