3 Vital skills Terry Rozier brings to the Heat

The newest member of the Miami Heat will bring several valuable skills to the team.
Terry Rozier, Miami Heat
Terry Rozier, Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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3. Clutch shooting

Being able to hit shots when it matters most is of course an extremely valuable trait for any player. It is one of the characteristics analyzed when discussing all-time great players in the NBA and how their clutch shooting positively impacted their teams over the course of their careers.

But being a clutch performer is not a label reserved purely for MVP-caliber players or the best player on a championship team. Even a good role player can reasonably come to be considered a great role player just by being able to perform well when the stakes are highest.

Over the course of his career, Terry Rozier has never been afraid of the moment and has knocked down some huge late-game shots. Among the most memorable being his last-second buzzer beater to knock off the Golden State Warriors in 2021, and his late go-ahead jumper in the Celtics' first round playoff series in 2018.

Heat fans that may not be 100% familiar with Rozier's game can expect to see a player who is both composed and confident in clutch situations. He may not be Miami's best player night in and night out, but Terry Rozier will bring a 'can't lose' attitude to every close game scenario on both ends of the floor.