3 Trade deadline moves that would boost the Miami Heat, 2 they must avoid

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Boost: Daniel Gafford, Washington Wizards

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Daniel Gafford
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While the Heat are 10th in defensive rating, they could stand to improve on that end. Going from good to elite isn’t easy, but Daniel Gafford would help shore up their rim protection and put less pressure on Bam Adebayo to be the last line of defense.

Gafford has quietly been one of the league’s best rim protectors for a couple of years now. He’s holding opponents to 6.4 percentage points less than their regular shooting average within 6 feet of the basket, per NBA.com. He’s the lone bright spot in a Wizards defense that doesn’t offer much support.

Drop him in Miami, and Gafford would thrive. He could line up with Adebayo to build a formidable backline on defense, or come off the bench as his primary backup. 

It’s unclear what it would take to land Gafford in a deal, but if the Heat are going to call the Wizards about Tyus Jones, they should ask about Gafford, too.