4 Franchise-altering decisions the Heat have to make this offseason

The Miami Heat have to make franchise-altering decisions this offseason
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2. Do you keep Haywood Highsmith or Caleb Martin?

Assuming Caleb Martin declines his $7.1 million player option, the Heat will be faced with the possibility of losing both Martin and Haywood Highsmith in free agency.

Unless Highsmith or Martin take a significant pay cut, Miami will likely have to let at least one of them walk. Highsmith averaged 6.1 PPG in the 66 games he played this season, while Martin averaged 10 PPG in 64 games. Martin has had better numbers in the past two seasons with the Heat than Highsmith. However, Martin will probably be worth $5 million to $8 million more a year than Highsmith, making the decision difficult for Miami.

The Heat will have to decide if they trust that Highsmith will take another step offensively next season or if they believe Martin will continue to be the glue guy for the Heat off the bench. Both have similar playstyles: defensive specialists who provide energy and spark for Miami, and it is challenging because both are undrafted gems and define Heat Culture. Although Miami would love to keep them both, it is unrealistic if Miami wants to stay out of the second apron and be in a better position to acquire a superstar down the line.