4 Franchise-altering decisions the Heat have to make this offseason

The Miami Heat have to make franchise-altering decisions this offseason
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Play-In Tournament
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3. Do you go all-in?

Miami has been flirting around with superstars for years, from Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, Donavan Mitchell, and most recently, Damian Lillard. Whether Pat Riley and the front office like it or not, the Jimmy Butler era will eventually come to an end. Butler will turn 35 next season, so it is either now or never for the Heat to win a title with Jimmy Butler at the helm.

Of course, any trade involving a superstar would require giving up Tyler Herro and at least one of Nikola Jovic or Jaime Jaquez Jr., draft picks and a perhaps salary filler. 

On draft day, Miami can trade up to three first-round picks. This may be one of Miami's strongest years asset-wise; it feels like the Heat can compete with almost every team in the league in a bidding war for stars.

The question is, do the Heat think Trae Young, Donavan Mitchell, Dejounte Murray, or Brandon Ingram can put them over the top where you would be comfortable giving up either Jaquez, who had a great rookie year and has the flashes to become an all-star, or Jovic who emerged as Miami's starting four along with more future draft capital?