4 Killer mistakes the Miami Heat cannot repeat next season

Here's what the Miami Heat can learn from a disappointing season that ended after just five playoff games.
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics - Game Five
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics - Game Five / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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3. Not enough Jimmy Butler

Miami has faced consistent issues in the regular season, primarily due to a lack of star power. The team has missed out on trading for All-Stars such as Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and Bradley Beal in recent seasons. The current roster lacks the firepower needed to compete with top teams, especially when players like Jimmy Butler are limited or sidelined due to injuries.

The team desperately needs someone reliable, durable, and versatile. Butler, at 34, isn't capable of leading the Heat's offense during the regular season. Herro, though promising, is clearly not a no. 1 scoring option on a contending team and neither is Adebayo despite his improvements on that end.

Spoelstra had taken the initiative to spread the wealth of the offense across Butler, Adebayo, and Herro. The usage rates of Herro, Adebayo, and Butler on the court over the past three seasons (beginning in 2022) are as follows:

Herro: 23.7% → 23.7% → 27.1%
Adebayo: 21.9% → 22.9% → 25.6%
Butler: 28.2% → 23.6% → 20.8%

The absence of Butler on the court has a noticeable impact on the team's offense as it forces Adebayo and Herro to play bigger roles that they are qualified for. The team's offensive rating with Adebyao and Herro on the court was 105.4, highlighting the fact that both Herro and Adebayo do not possess the same offensive capabilities as a healthy and engaged Butler.

It is undeniable that the offense is experiencing a decline as a result. There is simply no other justification for it. A decrease in Butler's involvement will continue to lead to a decline in the offense, a recurring problem that has persisted year after year. The team has consistently depended too heavily on Butler each season, and now they are facing the consequences as he is unable to single-handedly carry them through these challenging periods.

It’s evident now more than ever that the Heat should not leave the offseason without acquiring a new star player.