5 Perfect Miami Heat trade targets they have to consider

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz
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Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton, Nikola Jovic
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Alex Villasis: The Utah Jazz seemed to be headed towards a disastrous season until one change was made: inserting Collin Sexton into the starting five. Since being a starter, the Jazz have a 15-4 record and recently rattled off a six-game winning streak before losing to the juggernaut Thunder on Thursday night. During this stretch, Sexton has averaged an impressive 22.4 points to go with 4.9 assists. 

In the last 15 games, Sexton is shooting 75 percent in the restricted area on 64 attempts. Miami can use a player who can create rim pressure and score around the basket as they've struggled in that area this season.

Adding another dynamic scoring guard would help take a Heat team that ranks 25th in scoring and bottom 10 in offensive rating to a new level.

If Danny Ainge and the Jazz decide to sell high on Sexton, the Heat should capitalize. As a 25-year-old who can help right away, Sexton fits both of Miami's timelines. He's worth the investment.