Re-Grading all the Miami Heat's 2023 acquisitions so far: Why Jaime Jaquez Jr. is a perfect fit

We give grades to the Miami Heat's newest players based on how they have fit in and performed 20 games into the season.
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Dru Smith: D+
Stats: 4.3 points, 1.6 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 57 TS%

Positionless basketball is a phrase tossed around the NBA community. Jumbo playmakers like Luka Doncic, Paolo Banchero, and Jimmy Butler often initiate the offense for their teams. With that said, teams still try to find "true point guards." These players look to set up their teammates for baskets before they look to score, a natural floor general or whatnot.

Miami made its attempt to acquire another true point guard besides Lowry by bringing Dru Smith back over the summer. Smith played five games in 2022-2023 with the Heat and 10 more with the Brooklyn Nets to finish his season.

Like Bryant, the results have yet to be there with Smith on the floor. In 126 minutes, Miami is minus-20.2 points with Smith running things. He could be a better shooter, and his decisions were slower than we would've liked them to be before his season came to a brutal end.

This was a very unfortunate situation that saw Smith's season end. That wasn't a hole like many suspected. The floor was elevated, and he slipped on a paper bag, according to the community note on X. We wish for a speedy recovery. Miami bought back another former player this offseason. Let's see how he's been playing.