Heat in 5: An open letter to Kyle Lowry, full-court Love, 4th quarter woes, and more

With four games against two opponents last week, the Heat finished that stint with a 3-1 record. We go over what happened, with a focus on Kyle Lowry's effort, Kevin Love's outlet passes and the continued struggles in the fourth quarter.
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
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Coby White, Duncan Robinson
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5️⃣ A lack of perimeter security

The Heat allowed an average of 34.5 points in the fourth quarter last week, with teams always going above 30 and winning the last period. Bam Adebayo's do-it-all kind of defense helps explain a lot of what happened, but the problems at the point of attack and communication, with confused defenders and late rotations continue to concern Erik Spoelstra.

The Heat let the Hornets back in Monday's game by allowing a 37-point fourth quarter. A lack of concentration in the final minutes of the game could have cost Miami a bitter end in a must-win match.

In the first clip, Duncan Robinson puts no pressure on McGowens, allowing him a free entry into the Heat's paint, with Orlando Robinson completely out of the play, late to rotate and create any kid of problem for the finish inside.

In the second clip, Martin switches but Richardson is late to realize that, getting caught in no-man's land. That forces Orlando Robinson to come up to the free-throw line to check Bridges and allows an easy alley-oop behind him, arriving late and fouling Brandon Miller.

In the last clip, Butler forces Hayward middle but opens the lane up too much. Love is in drop but too deep, Hayward goes at him for the and-1.

The first Bulls game brought the same problems and this time, a loss. The Heat just couldn't contain Coby White on the perimeter and were, once again, late to help on his drives.

In the first clip, White arrives in semi-transition and the Heat have numbers. However, everyone is looking at their man, Duncan Robinson can't contain the drive and there's no help whatsoever at the basket.

The Heat are scrambling off the double on Vucevic, Jaime Jaquez Jr.'s closeout is way too aggressive, which allows an easy entry for White to get inside and finish with minimal pressure at the rim from Bryant.

And finally, the Heat in zone, DeRozan is able to attack the middle after the pick and roll and both Jaquez and Duncan are caucg looking at the ball after the pass to White. Vucevic slips inside and catches the pass for an easy two-points.

Stats are through Sunday night's games.