Ranking 7 Miami Heat free agents by likelihood to return next season

These Miami Heat players may or may not be on the move this offseason.
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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6. Kevin Love

This man is honestly the best outlet passer since Wes Unseld Jr., though Nikola Jokic is right on his heels. But Kevin Love is the current king of the outlet pass. That pass jumpstarts many Heat offensive possessions that would otherwise die in a short two-point attempt many times. Love shows his championship pedigree with how he carries himself on the floor. He's 35 years old, still crashing the glass like a crash dummy, sacrificing his body, taking charges. 

Although his three-point shooting has been streaky, teams still sell out like he's 2014 Kevin Love. It's virtually impossible to shake any reputation you form in the NBA. This works in Love's favor, as he still provides spacing even when he's bricking shots.

I see him accepting his $4 million player option and keeping 42 in South Beach.