Ranking every Miami Heat player by trade likelihood

Who is the most likely player on the Miami Heat to get moved before the trade deadline in February?
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Jaime Jaquez Jr.
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11. Jaime Jaquez Jr.

  • Contract: 4 years / $16,997,141
  • 2023-24 Salary: $4,249,285

Miami Heat forward Jaime Jaquez Jr. had a successful college career at UCLA, which prepared him well for the NBA. The 18th pick in June's draft, Jaquez has made an immediate impact and has been one of the standout rookies this season. He leads the league in steals per game (1.1) and ranks fifth in points (11.2), shooting an impressive 50.7% from the field and 40% from beyond the arc.

The Heat were particularly impressed with Jaquez after their impressive run to the NBA Finals last year. His defensive skills and hustle align perfectly with the Heat's mentality, and he brings something to the team that was lacking last season - a playmaker on the wing. Jaquez's ability to contribute on both ends of the court has made him an ideal fit for the Heat's aggressive defensive philosophy. He fully embraces the team culture and prioritizes winning.

Jaquez has become a key player in Miami's rotation, averaging 14.9 points on 52.2% shooting from the field, 50% from beyond the arc, and 4.5 rebounds. Despite not being the tallest player on the court, he never backs down from a challenge.

Jaime is a versatile wing player who can excel in both forward positions. This has been a long-standing need for the Heat. In the past, Miami has heavily relied on the playmaking abilities of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, with other players serving as finishers. Now, they have someone who can create plays and finish them, while seamlessly fitting into different lineups. Jaquez's versatility and skill set make him a valuable asset to the team.