Where Heat's battle with Pelicans ranks all-time in Miami melee history

The Miami Heat always get chipy. But unlike other organizations, it ignites the meanest, nastiest organization in the NBA.
Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Jimmy vs Spo

In 2022, during a game between the Miami Heat and Golden State, there was a brief disagreement between Eric Spoelstra and Jimmy Butler. 

This happened during the Heat's second loss of a four-game losing streak. But keep in mind the Heat were the one seed this year. They're so competitive that it didn't matter. 

Tempers flared when Butler said something Spoelstra didn't like, and vice versa. Things got so out of hand; Marcus Morris was one of the peacemakers. You can see Udonis Haslem mouthing something to Butler as a few teammates blocked him from approaching him.

This altercation aged beautifully as the Heat went on a five-game winning streak after the losing streak and eventually made the Conference Finals again. 

All of these incidents have one thing in common. They bring camaraderie. Guys know they're in a safe space and don't have to hold things back. Say what you must and move on.

Heat players know their teammates have their back. They never have to step on the floor and wonder who has their back. Your guys with you and ride for you until they can't.

The Pelicans woke up a sleeping giant. Jimmy Butler, suspended for a game in the brawl, turns it up a notch around this time. He's been dominant -- averaging 23, 8, and 7 over the last six games. He's going to come back swinging. Don't be surprised if this incident sparks another improbable Heat run. 

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