LeBron and Wade boost their teammates

Back in 2003-2004 the Cavaliers and the Heat were awful, and Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were rookies who came in and instantly made their teammates better.

The two leaders of those teams have always wanted one thing, and that is to play with other players that want to win… and boy did they get their wish! It is no secret that these two will boost the play of everyone on this Miami Heat roster that takes the court with them, but people just don’t get it. They don’t understand that King and Flash have been creating magic with tragic for the past 7 years. They have enhanced mediocre former teammates such as Delonte West, Jason Kapono, Jamario Moon, Drew Gooden, Dorell Wright , and countless others.

Wade and James are special like Kobe, in that they are bonafide superstars. What’s even better is that unlike Kobe they have the ability to raise the level of play from  guys around them. They have always brought the best out of their teammates. That is what in my opinion separates players like Steve Nash, Lebron, and Wade from the rest of the Superstars in the league. They make others around them succeed not only with their incredible scoring but with their ability to dish off assists and make plays.

They’re great friends and for all we know will have incredible on-court chemistry together. This is something no one quite understands yet. They wouldn’t have taken this risk if they thought they couldn’t mesh and enhance each others chances of being champions. Flashes of this chemistry were shown at the 2010 All Star Game where both players combined for 53 points, 17 assists, 11 rebounds and nine steals. More can probably be taken from their performances at the Olympics. In Beijing, Wade showed he can be every bit as lethal with the ball not in his hands as he has been with it. James will run the offense and it will free up Wade to do what he does best…slash and cut through a defense like a hot knife through butter.

Let us not forget the third member of the trio. The improvement of an already dominant Chris Bosh will be astonishing. Wade and LeBron will feed off each other’s energy, thus making Bosh 10x better than he ever was, which will give Bosh the ability to also boost the players around him. Take into account that Bosh was the FACE and play-maker for Toronto during the majority of his 7 years in the league. This man already knows how to lead and score. Having James and Wade to help him will only increase his efficiency on offense.

You combine these 3 Superstars on the court and it does not matter who surrounds them. All the Heat need are complimentary veteran  players which have been acquired with Miker Miller, Carlos Arroyo, Zydrunas Illgasukas, Eddie House and Team Co-Captain Udonis Haslem. Do not be surprised if that group ends up having outstanding/career years.

These players know what they have gotten themselves into and know they have a lot to prove to both the naysayers and their opponents. Leave it up to The Three Kings, Tri-O-Five, Miami Thrice whatever you want to call them to make sure that this team will come out all guns blazing every night.

  • ryansproviero

    Mike Miller is going to become well known here.

    • west palm

      lets just keep it respectful. their name should be the miami heat, not the 3 kings or any of that crap. kobe and gasol and bynum dont have a name, so just the miami heat speaks volumes espacially when they start winning….

  • hotnuke

    Nice piece, Johnny. I’m partial to the “Three Kings” or my own “South Beach Superteam”. I actually can’t stand “Miami Thrice” as the term “thrice” just sounds so damn archaic, but that’s just me…lol

  • heatgirl

    True! Many bball stars have that “its all about me” mentality… I’m excited to see how Wade and Lebron’s chemistry will play out on the court!

  • zeveners

    totaly agree, wade and james nobody can stop those guys!!
    N plus bosh!!
    it’s gona be awsome..
    anyway lyk dat, wade lyk a knife!! lol

  • johnnydwall

    It is going to be very exciting to watch this TriNasty improve the play of Miller,House,Anthony and make these guys look like all stars.

  • Priscilla

    Nice article! I totally agree!…. i can’t wait!.. this season is gonna be crazy! GO HEAT!

  • Jessica

    Awesome article, Johnny. I like how the article is about the three of them boosting their teammates and not about them winning every game for the team. I’m tired of people insinuating that the team will do better this season just because they’re on it as if they are going to be winning all the games on their own. What about the rest of the Heat? I know they don’t have a good history of being one of the best teams around but like you said, I’m sure the presence of Wade, James, and Bosh will enhance their teammates and inspire them to be great as a whole. And I agree with West Palm; I think the names are getting ridiculous. It should be about the team, not the three superstars. Let’s give them some respect… Go Miami Heat!!!

    • johnnydwall

      Thanks for the comment Jessica. Do i know you? lol