The Heat is On! South Beach Superteam Set for Super-Dynastic Run

Before LeBron James had even officially announced he was joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami to form the “Three Kings”, or what I’ve coined as the “South Beach Superteam”, fans all over the country and pundits galore were trying their best to diminish the Miami Heat’s potential accomplishments.

Numerous articles on such fan sites as Bleacher Report, as well as mainstream sports websites like ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, Fox Sports, and many others, have attempted to detail how such a dynastic triumvirate will almost certainly fail.

Of course, I expected nothing less.

When I posited such a team could be formed, and that Pat Riley was likely to do it (two weeks before Stephen A. Smith ever mentioned it), I was ridiculed and abused mercilessly.

I couldn’t find a single person who honestly believed it was even a possibility, let alone a probability, and that’s among Heat fans as well. Even those who for an instance entertained the idea tried their best to convince me it was a team doomed to failure.

They’re welcome to believe such tripe, and that’s precisely what it is, in my view.

Now that we know the forming of the “Three Kings” isn’t a pipe dream, but a real nightmare for the rest of the NBA, they continue with this notion that the Heat is bound to go down in flames.

Some have said they’ll end up just like the Rockets team featuring an aging Hakeem Olajuwon, a thoroughly over-the-hill Charles Barkley, and a crusty Clyde Drexler.

Other scenarios from past “teamings” of superstars are thrown out there as evidence Miami won’t reach the pinnacle of the NBA.

Are they serious?

Do these fools truly believe the words coming out of their mouths (or in this case, off their keyboards)?

Another equally lame argument made by many of these people, some of whom are so-called “experts” was that Miami would be constricted by the salary cap in surrounding the “Big 3” with any quality players. It was posited by many that the Heat would consist of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and 12 D-Leaguers.

I’m sure those idiots are trying their best to distance themselves from those predictions now that the Heat have built a team around the “Three Kings” that is the envy of the world.

They now see that Pat Riley has surrounded his three superstars with an incredibly talented blend of veterans and youngsters, and they’re scared.

As well they should be.

I believe the formation of this “team” (and make no mistake, that’s what Riles has formed) is going to be the greatest sports team in history.

These three players aren’t aging. They aren’t past their primes. They’re not on their last legs.

All three of them are in the best part of the prime of their careers. They have enough experience to know how to win, and have the legs and energy to do it.

Add to that the fact Riley has surrounded them with what could be seen as the absolute perfect combination of talent to enhance and add to their skills, and you have something no one has really even begun to fathom.

They’re the Chicago Bulls of 1991 (or possibly 1996) with a better cast, and they’re primed to make a run at multiple titles that will make the Bulls’ six titles pale in comparison.

I believe they’ll challenge the Boston Celtics of the 60’s as the most dominant force in professional sports ever!

Those who hate the Heat can laugh at that view all they like, but I’m convinced it will be proven correct over time, and that this Miami team will be a dynasty like no other.

Simply put, I don’t think Miami will face more than about 15-20 teams this coming year that will end up with a record of 50+ wins when the season is over. Of those potential 20 games, I can’t see the Heat losing more than five or six…maybe seven.

Of the rest of the teams Miami will face? I don’t see them losing a single one.

So, you can put me down as someone who firmly believes the “Three Kings” will easily break the 1996 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins in a season. I’m predicting the Heat goes 75-7 next year, and I won’t back down from that prognostication.

When it’s all said and done, I believe Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and the Miami Heat will have won the next 7-8 titles in a row, if not more. For those who doubt it, I will only say I hope they love humble pie and the taste of crow, for they’ll be eating plenty of it over the coming years.

The Heat is On, and Woe to Anyone in the South Beach Superteam’s Way!

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