Carlos Boozer Would've Won a Title With Lebron & Plans on Doing So With Chicago

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It’s not easy being  one of the NBA’s most under appreciated players.

Putting up 20 points and eleven rebounds per game on a winning team and not going to the All Star game. Racking up more double-doubles than any one but Dwight Howard in the last six seasons but not being talked about the way other marquee free agents were this off season.

However isn’t it great when that player doesn’t care for the lime light? When they’re most concerned about what it’s going to take to win a title?

Carlos Boozer doesn’t feel slighted over the lack of media attention that was paid to him this summer. He has more important matters on his mind. That being how to make the Chicago Bulls championship contenders.

This is after all a guy who’s used to winning and winning big.

He won back to back state titles in high schools, won an NCAA championship while at Duke and was a member of the USA’s 2008 Olympic gold medal team. The only thing that’s missing is an NBA championship ring.

When asked what he considered to be his best moment in basketball Boozer said “the Olympic gold medal in 2008 is it, hands down.”

“It was a triumph for basketball in our country.”

“There was a debate on whether we were still the best team or not. People were saying Argentina was number one in the world. [Others] were saying that China was going to be dominant with Yao Ming and obviously Spain was very good.”

“It was a chance for us to comeback and prove we were number one in basketball on a global stage.”

“We felt that our NBA players represent the best that basketball has to offer. They named us the Redeem Team so they left us with all the hype and pressure to go over to [China]  and beat the best teams from around the world. So to me that is my best basketball moment” thus far.

Playing with LeBron James as part of Team USA must have made Boozer think of what the two could have accomplished together had they remained teammates.

They were both in Cleveland during the 2003-04 season. At that time James as an 18 year old rookie, Carlos was just in his second season as a pro.

If they’d only managed to stay together who knows how great a duo they could have been.

“I think with LeBron competing to be the best player in the world with Kobe [Bryant] we would have definitely won a title. He was able to take that team to the Finals by himself. If we’d stayed together we would have won a championship.”

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