Three Reasons the Miami Heat Will Dominate the Boston Celtics in the October 26 Season-Opener

If you take a look at the Celtics roster, it’s easy to see why fans from Boston are a bit excited about the coming season. After all, this is a team that took the NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers to a seventh game, and if it wasn’t for a great deal of help from the officials, as well as the shocking heroics of Ron Artest, would likely be showing off title rings for the second time in three years.

Alas, that didn’t happen, and the vaunted Lakers overcame the atrocious play of Kobe Bryant in that game seven to be crowned kings of the basketball world.

Yet, those Celtics, even with their stars aging, were pretty damn good, wouldn’t you say?

However, there are three reasons the Miami Heat will still dominate the Boston Celtics in their upcoming season-opener on October 26; Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh.

While those self-same players from Beantown are now a year older even, they’re still a formidable team, and due to some crafty offseason acquisitions, seem to have gotten a little better even (at least on paper).

They have the seemingly ageless shooter, Ray Allen, whose stroke from downtown is as pretty as the girl next door, the electrifying Paul Pierce, whose overall play is still near the top of the NBA, and the incredibly fierce Kevin Garnett, who is still one of the top five power forwards in the game if you ask me.

Add to that the budding superstar, Rajon Rondo, who I’m of the opinion of is the best player on the team, and you have four starters that should send shivers into any opponent just thinking about having to deal with Boston’s versatility.

While Kendrick Perkins is out for much of the beginning of the season, Boston seemingly replaced his play to a great degree with the signings of both Jermaine O’Neal and Shaquille O’Neal.

It’ll be interesting to see which O’Neal actually gets the nod as the starter, and even more interesting to see how both fare throughout the season. As a Miami fan who watched with absolute horror as Jermaine hoisted up brick after brick in last year’s postseason series against the Celtics, I’m someone who says Boston can gladly have him.

As for Shaq, that’s another story. While he may have lost a huge step, I think he could have definitely contributed to the Heat had Riley seen fit to keep Boston from getting him. That’s all in the past, though, as he’s now a member of the boys wearing the shamrocks on their jerseys.

Beyond those six players, Boston seems a little thin to me, with Delonte West and Glen “Big Baby” Davis being their next two best players until they get Perkins back. Von Wafer and Marquis Daniels have both contributed to teams in the past, and Nate Robinson can light it up one game out of twenty, but none of them are anything I think Erik Spoelstra and the Heat staff will be seriously game-planning for.

They’ll focus their attention mainly on the starters, as they should.

And that brings me to the point of my piece. While Miami doesn’t boast the overall number of starters you could say have incredible name-recognition and are potential All-Stars, I believe the quality of the “Three Kings”, far outweighs any of those concerns.

Miami, in my view, has the two best players in the NBA today in Wade and James, and teams those two up with arguably one of the top five power forwards in the game in Bosh.

They’ve also got some great shooters, and a great mix of veterans and youngsters to round out their roster.

Mario Chalmers isn’t going to run circles around Rajon Rondo (in fact, it’s far more likely Rondo could to it him rather than the other way around). However, Mario isn’t going to be asked to do something like that.

Instead, he’s going to be asked to simply get the ball over the timeline and into the hands of either LeBron or Dwyane. Once one of those two have the ball in their hands, because of the fact either one will demand a double-team, as will Bosh as well at times, you’re going to be seeing opponents running all over the floor trying to catch up with Miami’s offensive ball-movement.

The Celtics aren’t going to be immune from that strategy, either.

You think Spoelstra isn’t salivating at having his young players run the aging Celtics into the ground? He’s fantasizing about it the way I drool over a juicy steak.

Rondo is probably the only starter on Boston who’ll be able to seriously keep up with his opposite on Miami. Anyone who believes Ray Allen can hang with Dwyane Wade all game is seriously on some sort of medication, or needs to be.

Anyone who believes Paul Pierce can even compete with LeBron James is insane. The only way he’s been able to avoid being thoroughly embarrassed in the past by LeBron is by getting help from his teammates. He won’t be able to count on such help against the Heat, as his teammates will be having all they can handle trying to cover their own man.

I was supposed to write about the “five reasons” Miami is better than the Boston Celtics and will beat them on October 26. I’ve shortened it to just three, and they need no elaborate explanation. Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh; the “Three Kings”.

Miami is going to send a loud and clear message to the NBA that night, no matter how hard Boston attempts to drown it out, and that is that the Heat are going to show the world they’re the greatest team the NBA has ever seen; and they’re going to show it to them by destroying every opponent, every minute of every game, every night of the year.

Game On!

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  • charles

    so this makes no sense to me so if 2 of those 4 players get hurt what the hell is the heat going to do serious yall got to come with something better then that yes i understand it looks good on paper but like EA sports says “its in the game” that matters to me holla

    • Hotnuke

      Stop hoping for injuries to derail the Heat…lmao



      • JOhn

        Are you telling me that eddie house who can’t play a lick of defense is better than nate robinson or delonte west? You’re a complete idiot

        • Hotnuke

          John, first, I don’t see anyone on here saying Eddie House is better than Nate Robinson or Delonte West, although, even though both have better career numbers overall than House, I’d say there’s an argument to be made that House is better than Robinson RIGHT NOW.

          There’s no arguing, however, that House is a better three-point shooter than either of them, as well as better at the free-throw line. Those are simply statistical facts, and considering that’s what Eddie’s in Miami for, to be a three-point threat, he’s likely to be more productive for Miami than either Robinson or West will be for Boston.

          Oh, and your contention House can’t play a lick of defense is simply beyond bogus and shows a limited knowledge of his game.

      • Hotnuke

        Thanks for the read and comment, Lathario. Here’s hoping Eddie does just that and lights up the Celtics for 25 or something as the Heat decimate the boys from Beantown…;-)

  • Jenda

    There is not a single guy on the Boston bench worse than Mike Miller, not to mention calling him “one of the best shooters in the NBA” in the same article you mention Ray Allen is ludicrous, Chris Bosh has never outplayed Garnett, even though Garnett surely isn’t the top anymore and Chalmers is about as much competition to both Rondo and Robinson as Stephen Hawking would be. But yeah, Wade and LeBron could still win.

    • Hotnuke

      Mike Miller in his eleven-year career has averaged 13.7 PPG, 5.1 RPG, and 3.2 APG, while shooting 46 percent from the field and 40.5 percent from beyond the arc. Over the past three seasons he’s shot 50.2 percent from the floor during the 2007-08 season, 48.2 percent during 2008-09, and 50.1 percent last year. Also last year he averaged 48 percent from downtown, and has had one year in his career where he averaged 50.0 percent from beyond the arc. I’d say that qualifies him as one of the “best shooters in the NBA” whether you want to admit that or not.

      As for your mentioning Ray Allen, yes, he’s had one of the prettiest shots since he came into the NBA, and I’ve loved his game since he was at UConn taking down Iverson, but his career shooting percentage is only 45 percent, and Miller even has him beat in three-point shooting percentage, as Allen’s is 39.6 percent. Sure, Ray has averaged more points in his career, with 20.5 PPG, but he’s averaged less rebounds than Mike with just 4.3 RPG, and only slightly more assists with 3.7 APG.

      Trying to imply that guys like Delonte West, Nate Robinson, Marquis Daniels, or even the possibles you might have on your bench once the season starts like Avery Bradley, Semih Erden, Luke Harangody, Stephane Lasme, Von Wafer, and Mario West are better than Miller is simply a straight up ludicrous statement, and makes you seem very stupid. I won’t even bore everyone else with all the stats; you can go look them up yourself.

      Simply put, Miller is far better than you seem to believe, and you’ll get a first hand dose of that reality come October 26.

      • Jenda

        OK, you obviously beat me with your arguments. Mike Miller is not a bad player, truly the rookies and the end of the bench is worse. Obviously my exagerating has not been understood – not to worry, I should have expected that.
        Nate Robinson, however is a name you wouldn’t mention have you seen the numbers he’s been putting up in the preseason with enough time on the floor. He owns Miller right now and you will be forced to acknowledge that. Very soon I might add and the fact you haven’t done so yet makes you seem… Well, very slow.
        Anyway, I don’t mean to be rude. I really enjoyed the first half of your article and I believe that if the refs don’t throw the players out based on the new technical rule it is going to be one of the greatest match-ups this season.

        • Hotnuke


          Nate Robinson? Are you kidding?…lmao

          Oh my GOOOOODDD!!! You’re hilarious. Nate Robinson has averaged 12.0 PPG, 2.8 RPG, and 2.7 APG in his six-year career, while shooting an abysmal 42.8 percent from the field and only 35.7 percent from downtown.

          Furthermore, last year with the Celtics he averaged 6.5 PPG, 1.5 RPG, and 2.0 APG, and while shooting 40.1 percent from the floor. He was pretty much non-existent in the playoffs, as well.

          If you’re trying to claim he’s a better player than Miller simply because he had a couple of decent games against some scrubs in the pre-season, you’re not just stupid, you’re MONUMENTALLY SO. That, or you’re simply the biggest homer on the planet…lmao

          Come now. I don’t want to go overboard with all this, because your name implies you might be a girl, but you need to stop looking at the Celtics with such rose-colored glasses.

  • Jenda

    Actually, I’m not a girl, I’m european. That is this continent on the other side of atlantic ocean. Look it up. Anyway, talking about stupid, thanks for making it easier for me.
    If you were – as a Heat fan – watching last year’s Celts more than just the few games in the Celtics-Heat series you’d know that Nate Robinson hardly ever played.
    If you have read my comments we can settle this argument after the actuall game takes place. We’ll see if Mike Miller statistically outplays Robinson.

    • Hotnuke

      Girl or not, your thinking on this is simply ridiculous. While Nate Robinson has been a little thrilling to watch over the years, and was great for the NBA with his All-Star Dunk Contest theatrics, he’s been a very streaky player who’s never really panned out.

      Mike Miller has been solid throughout his career, and earned the Sixth Man of the Year Award he has on his shelf by EARNING IT.

      Give this line of tripe a rest, my friend. By the way, since you seem to want to have a pissing contest about education by implying I wasn’t aware of where the European continent was, let me clue you in on something. You’re supposed to capitalize “European” as well as “Atlantic Ocean”, and there’s only ONE “l” in “actual”…lmao

      Just sayin’ is all…;-)

  • JOhn

    God you’re an absolute idiot. Mike miller averaged those as a starting guard. He’s not awful but hes no were near good. The fact that you use him and ray allen in the same sentence just shows how ignorant you are.

    • Hotnuke

      Sorry, John, but your contention Miller averaged those numbers as a starter is simply BEYOND ignorant. Go look it up, dufus. As to your lame claim that I myself am ignorant because I “use [Mike Miller] and ray allen in the same sentence”, I have to say I’m a little bewildered.

      I poured over my entire piece, and not ONCE did I mention Mike Miller in the same “sentence” as Ray Allen. Now, both are mentioned in this piece, to be sure, since it’s a preview of the upcoming Miami-Boston game, but nowhere will you find me mentioning Miller and Allen together, and certainly not in the way you implied, that I was making some claim Miller is as good or even close to as good as Ray Allen.

      I’d say you need to get a grip on yourself, John. You have some serious issues, starting with the fact you’re an obviously uneducated fool. Go back to school.

      Thanks for the read…;-)

  • bennyvargas

    Mike Miller is the perfect fourth wheel on this team. His abilities perfectly compliment those of Wade and James. Boston has a better bench and more All Stars but guess what you can only play five at a time and we got 3 better than anyone the Celtics have. Wait til tomorrow night you shall be the first to witness true greatness.

    • Hotnuke

      Amen, and amen, Benny…;-)

  • Riles4President

    HotNuke –
    I’m a die-hard Heat fan and I enjoy your site. It is nice to read fan-oriented articles that are well researched with a hometown spin. Most educated readers would agree that you know your stats.

    The comments section of every sports blog brings out everyone’s inner child. Practically by definition, sports equals debate. And it’s nice to see an author participate in the comments section, but don’t engage them on their level. Don’t play their I-know-your-are-but-what-am-I game of name calling. Doing so diminishes your credibility. You don’t hear Le Batard calling his readers a dufus – even when they deserve it.

    As a little perspective, I am a born-and-raised Floridian that actually (gasp!) loves New York. But in my opinion, the problem with New York is that it is full of New Yorkers. And the only thing worse than a New York sports fan is a Boston sports fan!!! G Zuss Crimony, their higher-than-thou attitude is enough to make any me want to puke. Consider the fact that the honest and balanced Knicks fans (ha!) will readily admit that Nate Robinson is the most irrelevant baller to never wear a Clippers jersey. So when the Celtics minions start their incessant drivel, step back, relax, and let them drown in their own idiocy.

    Please don’t take this as an insult, but rather as constructive criticism. Keep to the high road. And keep up the good work.

    • Hotnuke

      I took it the way it was intended, Riles4President. I know LeBatard would never engage his commenters like that, but I’m not LeBatard, I’m Hotnuke, and I love doing so…lol

      Anyway, I loved your little subtle reference to the film “Braveheart” (unless of course it was unintentional).

      Thanks for the read and great comment…;-)

  • bennyvargas

    I just loved Riles4president post (I too love NY but feel it’s ruined bc it’s filled with NY’ers) and have to say i agree with the keep it professional thought, though I can understand Nuke’s position too. Sometimes you just want to expose how dumb some ppl are but better to just avoid all the junk.

    • Hotnuke

      Trust me, Benny, that was toned down…lmao

      • bennyvargas

        I didn’t even read it to be honest I saw where it was going and skipped fwd but I know you got the name HotNuke for a reason…lol.

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  • http://gwgwegwg ergherherh

    Hey douchebag, how did the domination of the Celtics turnout for you? Have some respect for the reigning Conference Champs.
    Sorry but Miami is a joke. No quality big men, just four scrubs surrounded by an imposter for a superstar. Then you have your two best players who are identical in skill set.
    Have fun watching these clowns getting knocked out of the first round. But hey, you guys ‘already won’, right?