Jim Rome is Burning My Patience

Only 9 games remain in a regular season that has been the most interesting NBA regular season in recent memory.  Of course it began with a free agency that destroyed any ounce of journalistic integrity that still existed in a world dominated by social media.  Hopes were dashed and hearts were broken as Miami captured the 3 most coveted free agents of the field.

After landing Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade Miami celebrated in a fashion that left all NBA fans outside of South Florida downright pissed off.  An anger that has yet to subside and may possibly only grow stronger.

The pep rally was not intended to rub it in to the other teams and fans around the league.  Rather it was a celebration for dominating the most highly anticipated free agency period I have ever seen.  Fans, players, coaches and local media got drunk from the hype.  It was easy to fall victim to.  Take this rant from Dan LeBatard for example.

Go ahead and try to convince me that any organization in the league would not have done the same exact thing in that situation.  The fact is that any team in that spot would have done the same exact thing.

I even understood the initial backlash that followed.  The overwhelming majority had already fallen out of favor with James following his decision.  Watching him talk about winning not 5, not 6 , not 7 championships only fueled the nation’s newfound hatred.

What I do not understand however, is a segment I came across on Jim Rome’s ESPN television program.  Rome was very critical of the press conferences from the Heat’s Big 3 following the victory over Houston.  Not only was he unfair, but he was especially selective with the quotes he used.

Rome  railed against the Heat for being proud of accomplishing something that has not happened in 50 years.  Of course he failed to mention that what Miami’s trio did against Houston had not been done since 1961.  Instead, he took part of a Chris Bosh quote and made it look like pure arrogance, when in reality it was a reference to a team featuring Oscar Robertson.

Rome quoted Bosh as saying, “one of the things we talked about when we came together was making history.”  Bosh was simply referring to matching what Oscar Roberton, Wayne Embr and Jack Twyman of the Cincinnati Royals accomplished back in 1961.  Apparently recognizing your own accolades is enough for Rome to infer that Bosh is already in a championship state of mind.

“Bosh sounds like he’s waiting on a podium and a parade,” said Rome during his broadcast.  Clearly he is right.  Bosh clearly had no business claiming that the Heat made history when they put up statistics that have not been seen by the NBA since the Kennedy administration and I am clearly being sarcastic.

About as sarcastic as Rome is when he congratulated Miami for beating an average Houston Rockets team.

I am obviously of the minority opinion in defending the toxic Miami Heat, but that does not mean I’m wrong.  I should be used to this storm by now, but the blatant attacks on this team are so annoying.  Especially when it comes every week from the same people.  But it seems that the Heat has burned Jim Rome, and he will use any opportunity to slight it.

  • Jesse Bean

    “Apparently recognizing your own accolades is enough for Rome to infer that Bosh is already in a championship state of mind.”
    Ummmmm…. Ya apparently it is when you and your teammates get up on stage before they have even played a game and they tell everybody that they’re gonna win not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 championships. Idk if Bron actually said any #’s between 1 & 4, but you get what I am saying. Unless Lebron meant that they would win 0 championships, that is going to do nothing but put a huge target on you and your teammates’ backs. Jim Rome is the freaking man. I have never seen anybody deliver his opinion as professionally as he does it. He doesn’t just bash on people for the sake of bashing people, he actually has a point and he actually backs it up, and he does so with facts. Not only that, but is absolutely hilarious at the same time. And the funny thing is that you probably watch his show more than I do, I don’t watch or listen to his stuff that often, but when I do, I am rewarded. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this burn on the heat. I just think you are looking for things to put on him because your team’s superstars and coach are feeding him so many things to pick them apart with. And if I remember right, Rome actually did give credit to the heat for the accomplishment.
    And on a final note, you just have to expect this kind of attention to come to a team as talented and targeted as yours. People are always going to look for who and what to point the finger at when things are going bad, and not only that, but in this case and many others, when they are going good too.
    P.S. The reason I am commenting on this blog is that I was searching for a clip that he did on Evan Longoria recently, I accidentally came across this and had to defend Romie. I am not a Heat-hater, just a neutral observer.