The Best NBA-Related Vine Videos

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For many of you, you have no idea what Vine is (it’s ok, I was part of that crew about two weeks ago).  For many of you, Vine consumes your life (and that’s probably a problem).

Vine is basically like video Twitter — you can share six-second video clips of waking up (spoiler alert) to Darth Vader, or dressed-up, Cowboy pugs.  According to the Verge, Vine passed Instagram on it’s total daily shares on Twitter — the bottom line is that Vine is no joke: Vine videos get shared around 2.5 million times per day on Twitter.

And now, NBA players have started using/featuring in Vine videos.

First, it was Stephen Curry Vine-burning LeBron James

Here’s the list of some of the best NBA-related Vines you might have missed.

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