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Oh…Is There a Game Tonight? I Hadn’t Noticed…

What’s that? A game? Tonight? That’s cool but I hadn’t really heard anything about it…

Oh, Miami versus Indiana. Yeah, I guess that is a big game. They’re competing for the top seed in the East, right? No, no…I get it. The top seed there is like winning the right to date the ugly chick…being the wingman for eternity, or something. But still, it means something in the playoffs.

Weren’t the Heat atop the standings? Oh, wow. Two straight losses? That sucks. And Indiana beat the Milwaukee Bucks – who hasn’t? – while resting their starters? That’s crazy!

These two teams are rivals, right? Yeah, I remember the last game…wasn’t that where the matchup between Roy Hibbert and Greg Oden was supposed to cause an earthquake or something? Didn’t happen. Oden looked tired out there and Hibbert was killing Miami in the first half. Until Udonis Haslem came in and just kept Roy out of the paint. Yeah, I read something about it by Ethan Skolnick on Bleacher Report. Isn’t Haslem, like, sick or something? Oh…he might be playing. He’s gonna be tired, though.

Oh, no doubt, it’s gonna be a little testy. I’m actually surprised there wasn’t blood spilled the last time out. Oh, there was? LeBron James elbowed Hibbert in the face?

Damn, that does look painful. And didn’t Dwyane Wade get into it with Lance Stephenson? Yeah, that’s right…

Yeah, those dudes do not like each other, that’s for sure…I get the feeling Wade is gonna play tonight, though. Kind of, like, he was, y’know, saving himself this game. It sounds like a big one and he’s all about the big game.

But these teams are the top of the East, right? How come they’ve been so bad in March? I heard that the Pacers have been calling each other out to the media and they’ve lost some really ugly games to bad teams. Their defense is great, though – best in the league – but they can’t score worth a damn!

And Miami? They’re just coasting, right? No, no…I get it. Injuries and inconsistent lineups but still, they’re the champs! Sometimes it seems like they just don’t care…and somehow they can still take the East from Indiana, huh? That’s gotta suck for the Pacers…they’ve been all, like, “We’ve gotta win the East, we’ve gotta be the 1-seed!” And then for Miami to take it from them without even trying? Ouch.

I mean, the game does have a lot of stuff going on. Big names, intense rivalries and what seems like a genuine hatred out there…it’s like the playoffs came early.

Yeah, I might watch it…I dunno. Some of the folks from work are going out to happy hour. If the game’s on I’ll try to catch it. Maybe not, maybe so…y’know how it is.

But it does sound like it’s a gonna be a good one, though.

Watch the telecast of the game beginning at 7:30 P.M. on Sun Sports and NBA TV from the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. Check back with AllUCanHeat for a regular updates and for a full recap after the game.

UPDATE: Dwyane Wade and Greg Oden have been ruled out for tonight’s game against Indiana, while Udonis Haslem is scheduled to play and Chris Andersen is a game-time decision, as per the Miami Heat (via Twitter)


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