May 4, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey and Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry (7) reacts after a call in game seven of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets at the Air Canada Centre. Brooklyn defeated Toronto 104-103. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Bucher: Miami Heat to Acquire Kyle Lowry from Toronto Raptors via Sign-and-Trade

Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher reported last night that the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors were discussing a sign-and-trade deal that would send point guard Kyle Lowry to join the Big Three in South Beach.

Now, Bucher is reporting that a deal is “imminent.”

An agreement in principle on a deal that would send point guard Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors to the Miami Heat is “imminent,” a league source with direct knowledge of the negotiations said Friday.

The deal, which will consist of the Raptors signing and trading Lowry in exchange for Heat point guard Norris Cole, cash and a combination of future draft picks, can’t be officially consummated until sometime after July 1 because Miami is currently over the salary cap and must sort out its position with its existing core of superstars—LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

However, it is questionable that Miami would be able to pull this off with so much of its roster in flux right now. Twitter had its doubts.

The Heat traded up in Thursday’s draft to select guard Shabazz Napier from UConn, as the team continues to revamp its roster in hopes of retaining LeBron James—who plans to opt out of his contract and test free agency.

Miami was rumored to be interested in Carmelo Anthony, but Lowry fits a more glaring position of need. Mario Chalmers, who was benched in the last game of the season, is set to be a free agent when the market opens on July 1. If Bucher’s report is true, it likely means the end of Rio in Miami. Cole apparently became expendable when the Heat acquired Napier.

Lowry would give Miami one of the best point guards in the Eastern Conference, transforming a position of weekness into a strength. He would also allow LeBron to play off the ball and take the burden of initiating the offense off the four-time MVP’s shoulders.

Lowry, 28, averaged 17.9 points, 7.4 assists and 4.7 rebounds per game last season. Bucher added that the terms of the deal are still being worked out, but that it will likely be $9-10 million per year over a long-term deal.

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  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    Lowry Napier
    Wade Allen Sefolosha
    James Sefolosha Beasley
    Bosh Lewis
    (free agent center) Bosh Oden

    Anthony is a better player than Bosh, but Bosh is a better power forward on a team with a LeBron type small forward. Either way the Heat need a starting center, and Bosh gives you the added flexibility of being able to play the 5.

    Hope this isn’t a load of bologna. Lowry and Gortat were the two guys I was hoping the Heat could get one of.

    • Real M-Fing talk !!!

      $crew Bosh and his disappearing act, there is nothing “power” about his game at least Anthony he puts pressure on the defense every time he’s on the court opening up things for other players..
      Melo is a better defender than Bosh and if Melo had to play the 3 i can see Lebron moving to the 2 at times
      Lebron requires a double and sometimes triple team and you cannot leave Melo one on one. Gortat will be hard to get the Wiz will throw at least 12 million at him, i would try to get Ariza and look elsewhere for a center.. like Hawes or Blache

      • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

        1) I can’t even entertain the idea that Melo is a better team defender than Bosh. It just isn’t true.

        2) Sefolosha would give you depth behind LeBron and an elite wing defender that can knock down spot up threes. It would buffer that Wade situation and allow you to rotate your Wade, Allen, and Sefolosha to fit the matchup.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    But if this does happen, since lowry Is a free agent, couldn’t he still sign elsewhere?

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      It would have to be a sign and trade. No trade could happen before the Lowry would have already entered free agency.

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    SMH… I hope this is a very small piece in a much larger picture !
    you need to ignore Lowry’s numbers especially points scored, because he is coming off a career year and for most part he was the #1 option… Lowry struggled earlier in the year when he was option 2 and 3…. in Miami he will be at least 3 at times… 10 million is way too much for him considering he is a volume scorer (14 shots per game this year), not an elite defender and not to mention his fitness issues… all those things do not go away because a person has one of his greatest year !.. anyone in business knows the worse time to buy is when something is at its highest

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      I love that you dog Lowry’s first option numbers and call him a volume scorer but are high on Melo. Lowry had a better TS% than guys like Anthony, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, and Russel Westbrook. You could easily argue that Lowry having to be the first option is the only reason he wasn’t even more efficient last year.

      Lowry can beat his man off the dribble. He has turned into an excellent spot up three point shooter. He is very physical and easily a defensive plus, especially when compared to Chalmers. So he’s a guy that gives the Heat a primary ball handler when James sits, a threat off the ball, and an improved defense. I don’t know how you turn that into a negative.

      You certainly don’t want to buy high, but what if you think he is just on his way up?

      • 6’11″ & CAN PULL UP FROM 30

        primary ball handlers when lebron sits:


        • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

          Wade- did you see him in the Finals? I love Wade, but you need someone that can more reliably force the defense to send help.

          Bosh- Bosh isn’t a primary ball handler. He can be a primary option, but as a natural power forward he isn’t bringing the ball up the court or initiating the offense.

          Cole- If Cole is your best option then you’re in real trouble.

          You can obviously give anyone primary ball handling duties if you really want. They could have Ray Allen try to fill that role. Their is a huge difference in being given the label vs living up to the name. Lowry would give them a dynamic that no one other than LeBron was able to provide this year.

  • gphillimo

    I don’t like this if it means getting rid of Cole. Should be Chalmers that leaves.

    • 6’11″ & CAN PULL UP FROM 30

      Cole’s not leaving. Cole was arguably the 2nd or 3rd best defender on the team. He shut down lance Stephenson when no one else could. If they wish to have that defensive tenacity they’re accustomed too, they better keep cole.

  • angry3

    The shit that passes for NBA media these days….and the dumbasses that read it and believe it…and retweet it…